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GMO Strain

In recent years, one of the most sought-after cannabis strains has been GMO, also known as Garlic Cookies or GMO Cookies. Many marijuana growers and users claim that GMO is one of the most powerful and fragrant cultivars on the market.

Its pungent terpene profile and hard-hitting effects make it a hit among medical and recreational users. GMO’s hardy growth and generous yield make it a viable strain for commercial cannabis growers and hobbyists alike. This unique hybrid of Chem D and Girl Scout Cookies is an elite cultivar with a legendary pedigree.

GMO Strain History

In 2017, a prominent breeder known as Mamiko Seeds used a cutting of Chem D to pollinate the coveted Girl Scout Cookies strain. Another renowned cannabis grower, Skunkmasterflex of Skunk House Genetics, encountered an extremely pungent phenotype within Mamiko’s Chem D-Girl Scout Cookies cross, dubbing this cut “GMO.”

GMO became a worldwide phenomenon seemingly overnight, and growers and breeders around the country sought to obtain a cutting of this rare strain. GMO is now a popular choice among medical and recreational consumers, and it has been utilized by many breeders to develop exotic hybrids that are frosty and flavorful.

GMO Strain Info

The GMO cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Chem D and Girl Scout Cookies. This hybrid brings out the most exemplary traits of both parents, offering the generous yield and pungent scent of Chemdawg and the stellar bag appeal and exotic coloration of Girl Scout Cookies.

GMO is of average height, with long stalks and broad, forest-green fan leaves. This cultivar produces medium to large-size colas that are profoundly encrusted in trichomes. The flowers are thick and frosty, with purple and crimson sugar leaves, golden pistils, and distended calyxes.

GMO Strain Review

One of the strain’s most cherished qualities is its overpowering aroma. GMO’s Chemdawg ancestry is apparent in the strain’s distinct aroma of garlic, skunk, gasoline, and soil. The flavor is earthy and slightly sweet, with spicy notes of onion and green curry on the exhale.

GMO’s potent effects are commonly compared to the strength of a tranquilizer, and its cognitive effects can be described as dreamy or spacey. Some have even reported experiencing euphoria from this strain, which may help users combat stress. The strain’s high potency makes it a staple at dispensaries around the US.

Growing the GMO Strain

GMO is a robust and hardy strain that is relatively easy to grow. This cultivar is resistant to most pests, diseases, and stressors, and can thrive both inside and outside. GMO performs best when grown in a warm climate with low to moderate humidity levels.

This strain can produce a hefty yield within 9 to 11 weeks of flowering when cultivated in a stress-free environment. Growers can boost the yield even more by using plant training techniques such as topping and fimming.

Given the density and trichome coverage of the buds, this strain may be somewhat susceptible to botrytis. Growers can prevent bud rot by providing the plants with plenty of sunlight and ventilation, and keeping the humidity level low during the flowering stage.

Buy GMO Seeds

GMO is an elite cannabis strain that unites the finest qualities of Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. This powerful hybrid offers a unique terpene profile that is truly one of a kind. Its soothing, euphoric stone makes it a favorite among cannabis consumers around the nation. GMO’s incredible resilience and sizeable yield are sure to please marijuana growers.

Greenpoint Seeds offers a variety of hybrids that are crossed with the authentic GMO strain. Browse our selection of GMO hybrids, and don’t forget to check out our complete collection of regular and feminized marijuana seeds.

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I love the purple runtz strain I'm going into my 4th month with two of them now one started budding after the first topping lol its been budding over two months now and the other hasn't even shown the first sign of starting to bud I honestly don't have a clue what happened 🤣🤣 so I'm doing the next best thing just roll with it 🤣 I'm very pleased with how these seeds grow ive got pictures now if I can figure out how to uploaded them lol

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