What Are White Label Cannabis Seeds?

What Are White Label Marijuana Seeds?

When it comes to cannabis seeds, prices can vary drastically. Some retailers sell seeds for $20 a pack, while others sell them for hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, how do you know what’s worth it when buying cannabis seeds? In this article, we’ll explain what white label seeds are and discuss their pros and cons.

White Label Seeds: Affordable Yet Questionable

While price does not always equate to quality, it often can be a good indicator. And this concept certainly applies to cannabis seeds. Most dedicated cannabis breeders do not have the means to mass-produce seeds and sell them on the cheap. And those that do likely aren’t doing the legwork necessary to produce premium-quality seeds. So, how are some seed banks able to sell seeds at such low prices? Often it is because they are selling white label seeds.

Seed banks that sell white-label seeds buy in bulk from various breeders, repackage the seeds, and then resell them to the public. Some seed banks ensure they purchase only from the best breeders, but others are less conscious of this and buy poor-quality seeds from the cheapest seller. This reduces their expenditure and widens their profit margins. Such seed banks are not always honest about the genetics of the seeds that they are offering.

Have you ever bought a pack of OG Kush seeds at an incredibly low price, only to find out the plants were nothing like the original strain? You probably grew white label seeds.

Some of these seeds may be of poor quality, while others have exceeded their shelf life and are no longer viable. If you buy from a company that sells repackaged seeds, check their reviews and buy from a trusted source.

Benefits of White Label Seeds

Here are the benefits of growing white label seeds:

  • Affordable
  • Will produce smokeable bud

Growing white label seeds isn’t all bad. There are plenty of benefits to choosing these seeds. First and foremost, they are affordable. You can often get a pack of repackaged seeds for less than a third the price of a premium seed pack.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the seeds will still produce smokeable bud, especially if you buy them from a reliable seed supplier. Sure, the plants might not be what you expected, but they will likely still produce cannabinoid-rich flowers that’ll satisfy you and your friends. So, while white label seeds certainly aren’t the cream of the crop, they also are not entirely worthless. You’ll be getting a great deal on seeds that will yield some decent herb.

Drawbacks of White Label Seeds

Here are the drawbacks:

  • Not authentic 
  • Might be old stock

As stated above, the biggest drawback of white label seeds is that they often don’t provide authentic genetics. For example, if you’re buying Sour Diesel from a white label seed supplier, you may be getting the real deal, or you may be getting a hybrid of Sour D and Skunk #1, or it may be an entirely different strain altogether. Buying from a reputable seed supplier can help, but you still may not be getting the genuine strain.

Another downside is that seed suppliers often buy vast quantities of these seeds to get a wholesale discount. If the demand for the seeds doesn’t match the supply, the seeds may be sitting in a warehouse for several years. And, if the seed bank didn’t store them properly, you may be buying seeds that are no longer viable. A well-rated seed bank will likely replace the seeds for you, but you’ll still be set back weeks from the ordeal.

Buy Premium Cannabis Seeds

Although it may be tempting to grab a pack of white label seeds on the cheap, your best bet is to spend a bit more on premium cannabis seeds. You’ll be getting authentic cannabis strains that grow vigorously, provide solid yields, and offer the aromas, flavors, and effects you expect.

If you shop around a little, you can find coupons, freebies, rewards programs, and other promotional offerings to get great deals on high-quality seeds.

Greenpoint Seeds: Your Source For Affordable Cannabis Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds LogoAt Greenpoint Seeds, we have the unique ability to sell top-shelf seeds at bargain prices. This is because, unlike most seed banks, we breed all of our seeds in-house, using verified and tested clone-only strains. This allows us to cut out the middleman and sell the seeds at the lowest price possible.

We also provide frequent promotional sales, Reverse Auctions, and a great rewards program so you can save even more money on seeds. Sure, they may be a little pricier than a pack of white label seeds, but you’ll be getting a premium product that will produce stellar results.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products and services. While you’re here, check out our collection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds.

What do you think about white label seeds? Let us know in the comment section below.

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