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What Are White Label Cannabis Seeds?

Why White-Label Cannabis Seeds Don’t Measure Up

When it comes to cannabis seeds, not all are created equal. While white-label seeds may offer affordability, they often lack in other crucial areas such as quality and reliability. In contrast, Greenpoint Seeds guarantees top-tier seeds bred in-house for optimal results.

Drawbacks of White-Label Cannabis Seeds

White-label seeds often come from unknown origins, making it difficult to verify their quality. While you may save a few bucks upfront, you risk losing much more in the long run due to poor germination rates or unstable genetics.

Why Choose Greenpoint Seeds

At Greenpoint Seeds, we don’t just sell seeds; we breed them. This means you get quality-assured, stable, and high-yielding cannabis seeds every time you purchase from us. Not to mention, our germination guarantee is a testament to our confidence in our products.

Quality over Quantity

By focusing on quality rather than mass production, we’re able to offer seeds that deliver exceptional results. From genetic stability to yield, our seeds stand out from the rest.

Know What You’re Buying

Greenpoint Seeds offers full transparency about our breeding practices and seed genetics. When you buy from us, you’re making an informed choice.

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  1. RBKush says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. I wish I knew about this before I wasted money on Cropking seeds like 3 weeks ago. Ok so I thought I paid CDN $65.00 for a 5 pack of Gelato but only 4 came out the package and to top it off now of the 4 seeds popped. I trusted my local bong store owner who said nothing but good about Crapkings.

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