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Purple Punch Seeds

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Greenpoint Seeds offers a vast collection of feminized Purple Punch seeds, crossed with an assortment of legendary cultivars such as Tahoe OG, Wedding Cake, East Coast Sour Diesel, and many others. Our Purple Punch seeds consistently yield phenotypes that provide sweet, fruity flavors, hard-hitting highs, and exceptional bag appeal.

Purple Punch History and Lineage

Purple Punch is an exceedingly popular strain, cherished for its succulent, fruity scent and astonishing trichome coverage. Purple Punch was originally created during the early 2010s by a collective of growers in Hawaii known as Supernova Gardens. The growers used a standout Granddaddy Purple male to pollinate the classic Larry OG Kush cut. Supernova dubbed this hybrid “Purple Punch,” to underscore its beautiful coloration and knockout effects.

Purple Punch Aroma and Flavor

Purple Punch seeds produce plants that offer a superbly sweet and fruity bouquet. This cultivar emanates distinctive notes of berry candy and grape soda. Some users also note subtle undertones of herbs and vanilla when breaking apart the dried buds.

Purple Punch’s sugary-sweet aroma is mirrored by its fruity flavor. This cultivar tastes of grape, berry, and vanilla, blended with earthy notes of soil and fresh herbs. The smoke is expansive, and coats the mouth with a delightfully sweet-and-herbal flavor.

Purple Punch Effects

Purple Punch is a powerful strain that is packed with cannabinoids. This cultivar is capable of producing between 18 percent and 20 percent THC. Purple Punch delivers a relaxing stone that calms the mind and soothes the body. The high begins with a blissful cerebral effect that may improve the mood and ease stress. This gentle cerebral high soon transforms into a relaxing body stone that may relieve tension and pain. Users report that Purple Punch leaves them feeling tranquil and stress-free yet alert and functional.

Buy Purple Punch Seeds

Our feminized Purple Punch seeds are an excellent choice for fans of purple strains. These seeds reliably produce phenotypes that offer delectable aromas, sweet, fruity flavors, outstanding bag appeal, and deeply relaxing effects.

Contact Greenpoint Seeds for more information about our Purple Punch seeds. While you're here, shop our diverse collection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds.