Runtz Strain Review & Information

Runtz Strain Review & Information

There’s no doubt that fruity, frosty, purple-colored cannabis has all but taken over the cannabis market. Such as Oreoz, Layer Cake, and Apple Fritter have become some of the trendiest cultivars in the US. But none have garnered as much attention as Runtz.

If you are looking for a Runtz strain review, you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the aroma, flavor, grow info, lineage, and history of this popular strain. We will also provide some seed recommendations so that you can grow your own Runtz hybrids.

Runtz History & Lineage

Runtz is a relatively new strain of cannabis that was bred in a combined effort between the Runtz Crew and the Cookies Family. It was developed in Los Angeles in 2017 and first released onto the market in early 2018.

To create the Runtz strain, the breeders crossed together two prize-winning cultivars—the legendary Gelato 33 and the scrumptious Zkittlez strain. The resulting hybrid, Runtz, is an Indica-dominant cultivar that unities the fruity flavor and awe-inspiring bag appeal of these two powerful.

Until 2020, it was hard to source the Runtz strain outside of Southern California. However, the cultivar quickly garnered widespread attention and is now available in dispensaries throughout the United States. In fact, this exceptional hybrid was picked as Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2020 and has been featured in cannabis publications around the globe.

Runtz Aroma & Flavor

The first thing that users will notice about Runtz is its incredible aroma. This cultivar was bred to fully express Gelato 33’s sweet bouquet and Zkittlez’s fruity flavor. As a result, this strain has a delightful terpene profile that any cannabis connoisseur will love.

When smoked or vaporized, Runtz delivers a rich and sweet flavor profile, with notes of citrus, berry, and candy. The smoke is smooth and comfortable, so you won’t feel overwhelmed if you’re new to the cannabis scene.

Runtz Strain

When you consume Runtz, expect a well-balanced experience. The are relaxing and, but they won’t turn off your mind or put you to sleep.Rather, the strain is great for users who want to enjoy a balanced mood detached from everyday stressors.

Runtz typically produces exceptional amounts of, making it one of the most varieties around. Although Runtz has levels, the strain can be used by both newbies and seasoned smokers. If you’re new to cannabis, Runtz has a soothing that won’t overwhelm you. And if you’re a heavy smoker or long-time consumer, this strain’s blissful and relaxing won’t disappoint. Either way, the cultivar is an enjoyable experience for all cannabis consumers.

How To Grow the Runtz Strain

Although Runtz is one of the most popular cannabis on the market, it’s also notoriously difficult to grow. Take care when cultivating this strain, as it’s more sensitive to environmental stressors than many cultivars on the market.

This strain requires a highly controlled environment to reach its full potential. Providing the plants with a moderate climate, stable pH, and a nutrient-rich diet is essential to get the most out of Runtz.

Because this cultivar has dense, sticky flowers, some growers may have trouble with bud rot during the wet season. If you are growing the strain in a humid region, consider buying a dehumidifier to keep the humidity levels in check.

Runtz Flowering Time & Yield

On average, the Runtz cannabis strain should be ready for harvest in 9 weeks when grown in optimal conditions. It is a smaller-than-average yielder, but the buds it produces are top-notch in quality. You can expect your plants to achieve a yield of 16-18 ounces, depending on the size and climate of your grow operation. Since Runtz plants love to grow upwards, providing a trellis or other support system is recommended.

Growers can boost the yield of Runtz by providing the plants with lots of lighting, high-quality nutrients, and an optimal climate. This strain also responds well to training, so growers can increase the yield by topping, fimming, LSTing, or super cropping the plants.

Pests & Diseases

The Runtz strain is somewhat susceptible to pests and diseases. The most common include:

  • Mildew
  • Spider mites
  • Aphids
  • Thrips

To avoid any issues, keep your grow area clean and free of debris, provide the plants with sufficient lighting and ventilation, avoid overwatering, and have some organic insecticidal and fungicidal foliar sprays on hand. It’s also a good idea to inspect your plants regularly for any signs of strain, disease, or infestation.

Runtz Hybrids

With so much hype surrounding the Runtz strain, several cannabis breeders have created their own hybrids of this world-famous cultivar. White Runtz, Pink Runtz, Platinum Runtz, and many other iterations of this strain are cropping up practically every day.

At Greenpoint Seeds, we offer a variety of Runtz crosses that capture all the magic of this mouthwatering strain. If you’re looking for a new twist on this elite cultivar, check out our Runtz hybrids, including Purple Runtz, Zeppoli, and Dotz.

Runtz Strain Review: Final Thoughts

Runtz is a delicious and cannabis strain that is well-deserving of all the hype it has received in the past few years. Its powerful-but-mellow are perfect for those looking for a soothing and. And its sweet, candy-like flavor will have users coming back for more.

If you are considering growing Runtz, we recommend reading all of our grow tips so you can cultivate this strain to its full potential. Although Runtz is not the easiest strain to cultivate, it is well worth the effort. This strain rewards vigilant growers with a decent yield of top-shelf flowers that are colorful, flavorful, and exceptionally resinous.

At Greenpoint Seeds, we offer a variety of Runtz hybrids that are every bit as frosty and flavorful as this celebrated strain. Browse our Runtz seeds and, while you’re here, check out our complete collection of regular and feminized seeds.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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