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Discontinued Regular Seeds

We offer a diverse selection of high-quality regular cannabis seeds. Our love for cannabis seed breeding drives us to develop new marijuana strains and improve our old ones.

At Greenpoint Seeds, you’ll find a wide variety of American-bred cannabis strains, with the perfect seeds for any grower. Browse our discontinued regular seeds to learn more about the strains we no longer offer.

What Are Discontinued Regular Seeds?

As we continue to breed and release new marijuana strains, some of our regular cannabis seeds are discontinued. Although we have stopped producing these seeds, we understand that many growers are still cultivating them.

To ensure that you have access to all the information about our strains, we've left our discontinued product pages on the site for you to peruse. You'll always have access to in-depth information regarding each cultivar's flowering time, yield, height, and growth structure. You'll also find descriptions of the aroma, flavor, effects, history, and lineage of all our discontinued regular seeds.

What Are Regular Seeds?

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds in their most natural form. These marijuana seeds are produced by breeding a male cannabis plant with a female. Unlike feminized seeds, which yield all-female offspring, regular seeds typically produce 50 percent male plants and 50 percent female plants.

Although feminized seeds have become widely popular in recent years, regular seeds are still sought after among many growers and breeders. Some believe that regular seeds produce offspring that are more stable and reliable than those of feminized seeds. If you're looking for a hardy and sexually stable plant, regular seeds are a great choice.

Because regular seeds produce both male and female offspring, they are highly valuable to cannabis breeders. If you'd like to preserve your favorite cannabis strains or create your own unique hybrids, regular seeds are the way to go.

Regular Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Now that you know all about our discontinued seeds, browse our vast collection of in-stock regular seeds. Buy regular marijuana seeds from the best Colorado seed bank and start growing and breeding your own elite cannabis strains.

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