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Seedsman Cannabis Seed Bank Review

Since 2003, Seedsman has grown to become one of the most well-known cannabis seed banks in the world. The retailer started out with an interest in American cannabis strains and later added landrace cultivars, autoflowering strains, and CBD varieties to the mix. Today, Seedsman is one of the largest online seed banks and has a massive inventory of seeds from a wide variety of strains.

Seedsman has built a loyal following in its two decades of operation and has served thousands of happy customers. But how does this company stack up against other seed suppliers? In this article, we’ll provide a detailed review of Seedsman, including strain selection, product quality, customer service, discounts, payment methods, shipping options, and more. If you’re thinking about ordering from Seedsman, this review is for you.

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Seed Selection

As one of the largest cannabis seed banks, Seedsman has an impressive inventory of thousands of strains. This retailer works with many breeders from around the world to offer a wide array of seeds. You’ll find regular, feminized, and autoflower strains, modern, old-school, and landrace varieties, and much more.

Some of their most reputable breeders include:

Seedsman Feminized Seeds

Product Quality

Seedsman has a wide variety of premium seeds produced by some of the top breeders in the world; however, the company also works with some breeders that aren’t as well-known. When shopping at this seed bank, it’s a good idea to do plenty of research on the breeder and strain before making a purchase. You’ll want to choose a reputable breeder, as Seedsman does not offer a germination guarantee.

Website and Customer Service

Seedsman’s website is very user-friendly and makes shopping a breeze. You can search through their lengthy list of breeders or choose from seed categories such as regular, feminized, indoor, outdoor, and more. What’s more, Seedman’s filtering tool makes it easy to narrow down the perfect strain for your needs. You can filter the products by breeder, sex, CBD content, flowering type, and other qualities.

Seedsman Website Home Page
With decades of experience in the seed business, Seedsman has amassed thousands of customer reviews from growers around the world. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive, but there are some negative reviews here and there. Most of the complaints involve shipping delays, poor packaging, and inviable seeds. Despite the occasional negative review, the seed bank has established itself as a reliable company that will work with customers to resolve any issues.


Seedsman is very generous when it comes to promotions and discounts. This seed bank provides plenty of coupons and promos, as well as free seeds on qualifying purchases. It also has a rewards program, allowing you to earn in-store credit for every purchase. You can also earn credit by following Seedsman’s social media accounts, referring friends, and several other methods.

Payment Methods

Seedsman stands out among most cannabis seed banks regarding payment options. This retailer offers many secure payment methods, including cryptocurrency, credit and debit cards, bank transfers, money orders, cash, and checks. It also offers various discounts, depending on which payment method is used.

Some of the accepted payment methods include:

Shipping Options

Seedsman’s product delivery approach is a little unusual from competitors. Rather than maintaining fixed shipping charges, they calculate the cost based on your address. This is logical, given that they send products all over the globe, and the procedures may alter slightly from one location to the next.

In addition, the time it takes for your seeds to arrive varies by region. For example, delivery operations in the United Kingdom may take four to five days. In contrast, it may take up to 35 for international orders to be delivered.

If you are worried about your seeds being lost in transit, Seedsman offers delivery insurance for an additional fee. With the added insurance, the company will reship the order if it is lost or confiscated or if the seeds are damaged.

How Does Seedsman Compare to Greenpoint Seeds?

Seedsman vs Greenpoint Seeds

Both Seedsman and Greenpoint Seeds are reputable seed banks with many years of experience in the industry; however, there are some notable differences between the two companies.

Firstly, Seedsman breeds its own seeds; however, it also works with many other seed breeders. This means that customers must do their research to ensure that they are buying high-quality seeds from a trusted breeder. Another potential downside is that the seed selection is somewhat lacking when it comes to American strains. Because the company is in the UK, most of the breeders are from Europe. If you are searching for the latest and greatest US strains, you may want to try an American seed bank.

On the other hand, every seed at Greenpoint is bred in-house. We produce small batches of seeds and work with many growers to thoroughly test every strain. In this way, we can ensure that every strain we offer will produce optimal results in a variety of environments.

As a US seed bank, we have access to all the best American strains. We use authentic, clone-only cultivars to produce our wide assortment of regular and feminized cannabis seeds. You’ll find a large selection of hybrids that are bred from elite strains such as Animal Cookies, Purple Punch, and Stardawg. So, if you want the best American strains, Greenpoint has you covered.

Seedsman Seed Bank Review: Final Thoughts

Seedsman has enjoyed two decades of success in the cannabis industry because of its commitment to providing high-quality seeds and great customer service. With its impressive strain selection, numerous discounts and promotions, secure payment methods, and reliable shipping, this seed bank is a great choice for growers around the world. Whether you choose Seedsman or Greenpoint Seeds, you’re sure to have a good experience.

Please contact us to learn more about our products and services. While you’re here, check out our selection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds.

Have you ever shopped at Seedsman? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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    I’ve bought from cement many times they do have high quality seeds at a very good price but recently with an update to their website it’s been a total mess outages on many popular seeds and problems with processing payments might want to stay clear until they get things straightened out

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