Brothers Grimm Seeds is one of the most respected seed breeders in the world and has developed some of the most sought-after strains around. MrSoul and his partner, Sly, started the company in 1996 with the goal of creating their own premium cannabis strains. The breeders used techniques such as cubing and backcrossing to create genetically stable strains that feature fast flowering times, high yields, potent effects, and rich terpene profiles.
Soon after its inception, Brothers Grimm Seeds had already developed several famous strains, including Apollo 13, Cinderella 99, Killer Queen, and many others. But in 2002, the company had to shut down due to security concerns. That same year, MrSoul moved from his home in the US in hopes of finding a facility in Europe to grow cannabis. Unfortunately, this plan didn’t come to fruition, and it would take nearly 15 years for Brothers Grimm Seeds to return to the market.
Since 2015, Brothers Grimm Seeds has been back in business, creating and producing a wide variety of exceptional cannabis seeds. It offers several of its classic strains and many new hybrids, as well.
At Greenpoint Seeds, we offer several hybrids that are crossed with strains developed by Brothers Grimm. Check out our hybrid seeds, and don’t forget to shop our entire lineup of regular and feminized marijuana seeds.

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