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Cannabis Nutrient Guide

Cannabis Nutrients

Cannabis Nutrients; What and When to Feed Many growers find it difficult to identify and choose the best cannabis nutrients. The proper nutrients help plants grow faster and produce better yields. Cannabis fertilizers vary in nutrient ratio, ingredients, supplements, and the cannabis growing medium, whether hydro or soil. Read on to find out what and[…]

What are feminized seeds

What are Feminized Seeds?

What are Feminized Seeds? Feminized cannabis seeds are the best choice for cannabis cultivation. Growing cannabis plants using regular seeds is not very efficient, as almost half of the cannabis plants will be male. As such, farmers will have low yields, unlike when using feminized seeds. Many cannabis growers are turning from regular seeds to feminized[…]

Can You Clone Autoflowering Plants?

Can You Clone Autoflowering Plants

Can You Clone Autoflowering Plants? Can you clone auto-flowering plants? Autoflowering cannabis plants flower automatically based on age rather than environmental factors, i.e., ratio of light to dark hours, unlike photoperiod plants. Cloning is generally associated with photoperiod plants, although some growers have experimented with autoflowering species. But have they been successful? What is Cloning?[…]

Best strains for Anxiety

Best Strains for Anxiety

Best Strains For Anxiety Anxiety, a pervasive mental health condition, is consistently becoming a significant reason for most people to medicate using cannabis. Cannabis remains a top go-to remedy for people who suffer from or experience anxiety. However, new cannabis strains continue to flock to the market, and not all help in anxiety relief. Although[…]

The best CBD seeds

Best CBD Strains

Best CBD Strains The best CBD strains are gaining popularity among farmers and natural health enthusiasts. There is a long list of strains that are high in Cannabidiol (CBD). After hemp-based CBD was legalized by the federal government, more and more people are becoming interested in CBD. Cannabidiol is the second most prevalent cannabinoid in[…]