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What are feminized seeds

What are Feminized Seeds?

What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are the best choice for cannabis cultivation. Growing cannabis plants using regular seeds is not very efficient, as almost half of the cannabis plants will be male. As such, farmers will have low yields, unlike when using feminized seeds. Many cannabis growers are turning from regular seeds to feminized seeds. So, what are feminized seeds? Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that are genetically engineered to produce only female plants. Cannabis buds that are rich in are only found in female plants. It is resource-efficient to grow cannabis plants from feminized seeds, and it is the ideal choice for cannabis growers who want yields with a fast and easy cultivation process. Feminized seeds typically produce photoperiod plants. They flower depending on the light cycle. Outdoor cannabis plants bloom towards the end of summer, while indoor plants are kept in a vegetative state until the grower induces flowering by reducing light hours. Feminized seeds do not require any additional farming techniques as they grow under the same conditions as regular cannabis plants.

Who Should Purchase Feminized Seeds?

Nowadays, most high-quality feminized seeds on the market produce plants rich in CBD and other. Recreational and users will enjoy the euphoric, relaxing, stoning, or uplifting brought by feminized strains. People who use cannabis for holistic purposes can also choose feminized strains for their pronounced effects. They might find that certain take away whatever symptoms they are dealing with or simply boosts their mood and helps them wind down intense situations.

Why Grow Cannabis from Feminized Seeds?

There are many advantages for a grower who wants to start their garden using feminized seeds. Using feminized seeds to grow cannabis plants ensures that there are only female plants, which eliminates unnecessary work of maintaining male plants that will finally be discarded. Growers do not have to watch plants at the pre-flowering stage to find out if they are female or male. The cultivation of only female cannabis plants saves time, resources, and space. It is also easier to manage and prune feminized plants as they produce fewer leaves. Getting feminized seeds from a reputable seed bank ensures that the plants are completely free from hermaphrodites. Hermaphrodite plants contain both male and female flowers. The male flowers will pollinate the female flowers producing seedy buds and, consequently, lower yields. Since most cannabis regulations limit cannabis plant counts, growers cultivating a small crop area get the most out of it. Feminized seeds guarantee that every plant will be female and will produce cannabis giving higher yields. The growing space is made as productive as possible. The growers, therefore, get a higher value from the seeds. Feminized seeds also produce plants with maximum, flavor, and aroma. 

How Are Feminized Seeds produced?

There are a few reliable techniques to manipulate the cannabis plant to produce only female seeds. They include:

strain or Rodelization

Cannabis female plants can be stressed to develop male flowers through nutrition, photoperiod, pH, and temperature. Some people delay the harvest (for 2 – 3 weeks) to force the plants to develop some male flowers. Rodelization takes advantage of the fact that a female plant will try to self-pollinate when she does not get fertilized and is nearing the end of her life cycle. When successful, the female plant will grow a few seeds as this technique produces less pollen. These self-pollinated seeds will contain both sets of genes from the same female plant; thus, both parents will be female, and all resulting seeds will be female. The main benefit of this method is that it is completely natural, and no chemicals are involved. However, this method is discouraged as the genetic weakness that caused the plants to produce a male flower under strain will be carried on to the seeds. It can also produce some hermaphroditic plants. 

Colloidal Silver or Silver Thiosulfate

While the above method works to an extent, the most common and controlled technique is to spray down female plants with a silver thiosulphate or colloidal silver solution. This technique makes it possible to control the sex of a plant without any genetic modification or tinkering. Both substances work in mainly the same fashion. A solution of colloidal silver or silver thiosulphate mixed with distilled water is applied regularly to the female cannabis plants until the plants begin producing male flowers. The silver inhibits the female flowering hormones in cannabis plants, making the male flowering hormone dominate. The plant will produce pollen as it matures, which is collected and used to pollinate female flowers. With both parents being female, all resulting seeds will end up being female. Most breeders have found this technique to be the most effective way to maintain the stability of the seeds and future feminized plants as it works nearly 100% all the time.

Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds Today

Now that you have learned what feminized seeds are, the next step is purchasing high-quality seeds. Although feminized seeds have a higher price tag compared to regular seeds, which is caused by additional costs incurred during breeding, farmers should choose their seeds wisely. Female cannabis seeds make sure that each plant produces copious amounts of and terpenes, which means a higher Return on Investment (ROI) in the end. Therefore, using feminized seeds is more economical. At Greenpoint Seeds, we offer premium quality Feminized cannabis seeds. Contact us today to learn more about feminized seeds, or check out our full selection of feminized cannabis seeds. Have you tried any of our feminized cannabis seed strains yet? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.  
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