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Ground Zero


Ground Zero, Greenpoint Seeds’ latest marvel, emerges from a collaboration with industry titans. This strain ingeniously fuses Zero Gravity by Clearwater Genetics, a blend of GMO and Oreoz, with the award-winning Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato by Backpack Boyz, featuring Cookies, Sherbet, and Lemon Haze genetics. Ground Zero honors its legacy, exhibiting a robust growth pattern, soaring height, and an aromatic bouquet that’s captivated the most discerning palates, securing multiple cannabis awards in Michigan. The terpene profile is a testament to its heritage, offering an exquisite fusion of earthy, citrus, and sweet notes. Greenpoint Seeds, in partnership with these renowned breeders, presents a strain that not only meets but exceeds the high standards of cannabis enthusiasts.

Born-on Date: November 2023

Ground Zero Flowering Female Cannabis Plant
Ground Zero
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