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How To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Bulk

How To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Bulk

If you’re a large-scale commercial cannabis grower, perhaps the most important key to success is acquiring quality cannabis seeds in a cost-effective manner. Cannabis seeds are the fundamentals of your cannabis operation, so you must never overlook their quality.

Bearing in mind the time, struggle, and investment it takes to develop a healthy cannabis yield, there’s no point in purchasing inferior cannabis seeds. However, price is another important consideration. If you’re buying hundreds of cannabis seeds at a time, buying in bulk is a great way to maximize your return on investment.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why it’s essential to purchase quality seeds
  • How to find the right seeds for your needs
  • Where to buy cannabis seeds in bulk

The Price of Bulk Cannabis Seeds 

Cannabis Seeds and plant

When you are buying large quantities of cannabis seeds, the first concern is the price. As you look through cannabis seed banks, you’ll discover infinite advertisements pitching greatly discounted cannabis seeds.

Are the cannabis seeds branded? Where do they originate from? Why are they so discounted? These are all considerations that you must make before purchasing discounted wholesale cannabis seeds.

Bear in mind that picking cheap wholesale cannabis seeds may considerably decrease the yield, terpene profile, and other critical qualities of your harvest.

The Quality of Bulk Cannabis Seeds 

Normally, the better the quality of cannabis seeds, the more costly they are. However, you should never buy seeds in bulk based on price alone. Sometimes, paying a little more for a quality product will save you money in the long run.

The Pros and Cons of Quality Bulk Cannabis Seeds

• Hardy, vigorous plants
• Greater
• Superior yield
• Genetically stable
• Superior terpene profiles
• Resistance to pests, mold, and diseases

• Costly

The Pros and Cons of Inferior-Quality Bulk Cannabis Seeds:

• Cheap
• Easily available

• Slow, mutated growth
• Lower
• Inferior yield
• Unstable genetics
• Less resistant to pest, mold, and diseases
• Lacking in flavor and aroma
• Overall inferior quality

While pricier seeds are not always better than cheap ones, you usually get what you pay for. Shop around and look at customer reviews before placing an order to ensure you get the best prices on the best cannabis genetics.

The Different Seed Types When Buying Cannabis Seeds in Bulk

Have a glance at the different types of seeds offered by seed banks:

Regular Cannabis Seeds are not very popular when purchasing in bulk. These seeds are not recommended for commercial growers. It is hard to predict their yield as they produce both male and female offspring.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds produce female-only plants, making it much easier to predict their yield. They need less space, resources, time, and exertion to grow than regular cannabis seeds.

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds are available for wholesale purchase but are generally not recommended for commercial cannabis growers. These seeds tend to produce plants that yield less and are not as as photoperiod plants. They are, however, popular among many home growers.

Buying Bulk Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Gardens

Most indoor growers benefit from buying cannabis seeds that yield short to medium-tall Cannabis. Indica or Indica-dominant hybrids are typically the best options for indoor gardeners, as these varieties tend to be short in height and offer a quick flowering time.

Buying Bulk Cannabis Seeds for Outdoor Gardens

Outdoor growers must select cannabis seeds that are amenable to their growing area. Your region’s climate determines which will flourish in your outdoor area. For those living in hot and humid environments, Sativa-dominant plants are typically the best choice. However, many Sativas have a long flowering time. If your region has a short growing season, an Indica may be more suitable. Finally, growers in cooler, drier areas usually benefit from growing Indica-dominant, as they tend to be more resistant to cold and drought than Sativas are.

It is essential to research the you intend to purchase to gain insight into its preferred environmental conditions. If you’ve taken into account the environment, flowering time, yield, and resistance to pests and diseases, you can easily pick which cannabis seeds will be the right fit for your outdoor garden.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Bulk

Now that you know how to buy cannabis seeds in bulk, the next step is to find the right seed bank. Greenpoint Seeds is the best choice for all varieties of cannabis seeds, including wholesale purchases.

There are numerous reasons to select Greenpoint Seeds as your US cannabis seed bank. We offer a diverse selection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds, membership rewards, rotating stock, promotional sales, and top-notch customer service.

Our cannabis seeds are bred in-house by our expert breeders. We use only the finest cultivars to produce our seeds, ensuring optimal results in a variety of environments. Contact us to see why Greenpoint is the best cannabis seed bank.

Bottom Line on How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Bulk

Now that you’ve read this comprehensive guide on purchasing wholesale cannabis seeds — it’s time to get started. Check out our wide variety of regular and feminized seeds and contact us to make a bulk purchase.

What are your top tips on how to buy cannabis seeds in bulk? We’d love to hear your advice in the comment section below.

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