Fixing Broken Cannabis Stems

Fixing Broken Cannabis Stems

If you have been growing long enough, you’ve probably broken or bent a stem or two on your cannabis plants. Although breaking a stem can often be an upsetting experience, all hope is not lost! Even a branch that has been entirely severed from the plant can be reattached. With a bit of elbow grease, even inexperienced growers can restore the health of their plants. In this article, we’ll give you all the details you need to know about fixing broken cannabis stems.

What Causes Broken Stems? 

For outdoor growers, inclement weather is one of the most common causes of broken stems. Heavy winds, rain, or snow might damage the plants if they are not strong enough to withstand these conditions. Animals such as deer, rabbits, or raccoons might also be to blame.

Indoor growers often break cannabis stems when moving the plants around, or when using High-stress or low-stress training (LST) techniques on their plants. A fallen grow light or a powerful fan can also wreak havoc in the garden.

Cannabis stems become quite rigid during the flowering period and can be snapped easily if enough force is applied. Some high-yielding plants may not be able to support the weight of their heavy colas, and their branches may snap or bend.

There are many reasons why the stem of a cannabis plant may be broken or bent. Fortunately, fixing broken cannabis stems is a fast and easy procedure that any grower can do.

How To Fix Broken Stems

It is essential to repair a broken cannabis stem as soon as you notice the problem. Once the stem has been broken, its supply of water and nutrients may have been cut off. If the branch or stem is left without food or water for too long, it will eventually die.

The first step in fixing broken cannabis stems is to take a close look to determine the damage of the branch. If it has only been bent, you can use twist ties to secure it to a trellis or stake. Within the next week or two, the branch should mend and be able to support itself again. Tomato cages are an excellent solution for container or raised-bed gardens and provide plenty of support for the plants.

If the branch has been snapped, you’ll need to reattach it hastily. To do so:

  1. Start by cutting off a piece of tape (duct tape or scotch tape work well for this).
  2. Connect the stem and its base together and wrap the tape around the stem.
  3. Ensure that the tape is wrapped tightly around the stem and that the stem is making complete contact with the branch’s base.

Check the plant once or twice a day to ensure the stem is still connected to the plant. If the broken branch starts to wilt, don’t worry! The broken stem should heal within two to four weeks, at which point you can remove the tape. If the stem has been left too long off the branch, or hasn’t been adequately secured to its base, it may not recover. This is why it is crucial to fix the stem as soon as possible.

Reduce Plant strain

To ensure that your cannabis plant recovers quickly, it is important to protect it from any stressors. Make sure to maintain a stable environment with moderate temperature and humidity levels. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the plant isn’t exposed to wind, rain, or animals. Tying the branch to stakes or a trellis can give it some extra support while it is recovering.

Growers can speed up the recovery process by providing the plant with a nutrient-rich diet. Maintain a consistent feeding regime and be sure to supply the plant with enough macro and micronutrients. It is also imperative to maintain a stable pH to ensure optimal nutrient uptake. Organic fertilizers such as worm castings and compost offer an abundance of slow-release nutrients to keep the plant healthy and happy.

How To Prevent Broken Cannabis Stems

The best way to prevent broken cannabis stems is to be cautious when handling the plants. Be gentle and avoid moving the plants around quickly or applying too much weight to them. If you plan on using any plant training techniques, take your time and practice on smaller, less essential branches or stems. In most cases, it is best to perform cannabis plant training during the early vegetative growth stage. During this time, the branches are usually soft and pliable, and won’t easily snap. The branches often become too brittle and rigid to bend or move around during the flowering period.

Although cannabis plant training may be the cause of broken cannabis stems, it can also help to prevent them. By gently pinching or twisting the branches, you can encourage them to become thicker, stronger, and more durable.

Another method of preventing broken cannabis stems is to provide a supportive structure for the plants. Staking or trellising the plants will help them support the weight of their buds and protect them from heavy winds. For outdoor growers, trees, bushes, or artificial barriers such as walls and fences may help protect the plants from animals and inclement weather. If you grow in an area with heavy wind and rain, or lots of pests, the most effective solution may be to build a greenhouse to protect the plants completely.

Final Thoughts on Fixing Broken Cannabis Stems

If you notice that one of the stems of your cannabis plant has been broken, it’s time to act fast! Simply follow the steps in this article, and you’ll be able to reattach the stem quickly and easily to the plant. If your plant has a stable environment and a nutrient-rich diet, it should be able to make a full recovery within four weeks.

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