The Top 5 Best High-yielding Regular Cannabis Strains

Lip-smacking flavor and mind-melting are undoubtedly good qualities for a cannabis strain, but yield will always be an important characteristic for many growers—myself included. While a dialed-in environment, high-quality nutrients, and powerful lighting can help you attain a solid yield, plant genetics will always be the deciding factor. If you want to grow big, healthy plants, choosing the right strain is essential. So, if you’re searching for the best high-yielding regular cannabis, this article is for you. We’ll describe each strain in detail so that you can find a cultivar that ticks all the boxes.


It’s no secret that the Blue Dream strain is world-famous for its exceptional yield. Given its hardy and resilient growth, sweet-and-herbal flavor,, and gargantuan yields, this strain has been a staple among commercial cannabis growers for many years. Stardawg, in turn, is another high-yielding variety known for its pungent, skunky aroma and mind-numbing.

By crossing these two elite together, Greenpoint Seeds has created Dreamcatcher—a robust Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers rich flavors, hard-hitting, and big, bountiful yields. Dreamcatcher is a great all-rounder that’s easy to grow and produces top-shelf buds.

This strain has a rich flavor that coats the palate with notes of berry, spices, pine, and soil. Its pungent aroma fills the room with scents of ripe blueberry and wildflower, mixed with hints of gasoline, citrus, and skunk. Depending on the phenotype, some plants may be sweet and fruity, while others may be earthy and skunky.

Dreamcatcher unites the gentle, soothing of Blue Dream with the uplifting of Stardawg, offering an electrifying experience that is both calming and stimulating. What begins as a surge of energy and creativity slowly fades into a relaxing and soothing that is pleasantly mellow.

Dreamcatcher is a beginner-friendly variety that is very easy to cultivate. This strain is resistant to most pests and diseases and can quickly recover from minor stressors. It flowers within nine to ten weeks, producing exceptional yields of frosty, flavorful flowers. Given its massive yield of top-shelf buds, we had to include this cultivar in our list of the best high-yielding cannabis. 

White Widow

Anyone who enjoys cannabis has surely heard of the White Widow cannabis strain. This classic cultivar has been around for decades, wowing growers with its enormous yields of buds. True to its name, this strain forms big, rock-hard flowers that are nearly white in coloration as a result of their extensive trichome coverage.

The origin of the White Widow is hotly debated, but many believe it was first bred by Shantibaba—the founder of Mr. Nice Seedbank. Its lineage also is a mystery, but the strain is said to be a hybrid of a Brazilian landrace Sativa and a South Indian, Keralan male. Given its fusion of rugged landrace genetics, this cultivar is easy to grow and can thrive in a variety of climates.

White Widow is a terpene-rich strain that has not lost its flavor over the years. Its savory bouquet is best described as earthy and spicy, with hints of sweetness. Some phenotypes also emit a sweet-and-sour scent of fresh lemon peel.

In addition to its yield and spicy flavor, White Widow is known to deliver powerful. This Indica-dominant hybrid offers a soothing that tends to ease pain and relieve strain; however, some phenotypes may provide a slightly more uplifting experience.

Bodega Bubblegum

Bodega Bubblegum is a powerhouse hybrid of Indiana Bubblegum and Stardawg. This Indica-dominant cultivar produces towering colas of dense, sticky flowers. With its generous bud production, perfectly balanced, and sweet, skunky flavor, we had to add this strain to our list of the best high-yielding regular.

Indiana Bubblegum, the mother of Bodega Bubblegum, is cherished for its sugary flavor reminiscent of pink bubblegum. By crossing this strain with Stardawg, Greenpoint Seeds has created a sweet-and-funky hybrid that is packed with terpenes.

Bodega Bubblegum offers balanced that calm the mind and relax the body. This strain delivers a that softens into a soothing and mildly sedating. Its even blend of uplifting and comforting makes this strain an excellent choice for and recreational users.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a renowned Sativa-dominant strain said to have descended from South Asian and Jamaican landrace genetics. You can recognize this strain from its giant, frosty colas and slender, lime-green fan leaves. The plants are of medium height, with thick stalks and large, fluffy buds. This is a sturdy strain that grows vigorously and produces copious yields both indoors and outdoors.

Amnesia Haze has a decadently earthy fragrance with a slight citrusy undertone. The smoke is expansive, coating the mouth with flavors of fruit, flowers, damp soil, and tangy lemon. With its sweet-and-savory terpene profilethis strain is great for making scrumptious edibles or extracts.

In contrast with its name, this strain provides a powerful effect that often leaves users feeling happy, stimulated, and focused. As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, Amnesia Haze delivers an uplifting that may help increase mental focus and creativity. Its but functional make Amnesia Haze a great all-day smoke.

Royal Chem

Rounding out our list of the best high-yielding regular cannabis is Royal Chem. This Indica-dominant hybrid brings together elite cultivars Purple Punch and Stardawg. Both parents are known for producing sizeable yields of premium buds, and Royal Chem is no exception.

The sweet, earthy flavors of Royal Chem will have you coming back for more. The aromas range from grape soda to sour skunk, and everything in between. This strain is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-grow cultivar with rich flavors and.

Purple Punch, the mother of Royal Chem, is famous for its sedating and body-numbing. Stardawg, on the other hand, delivers an uplifting and invigorating. Royal Chem brings together the both, providing a balanced high that elevates the mood and soothes the muscles.

This strain is very hardy and easy to cultivate both indoors and outdoors. Now that you know about the highest-yielding regular, check out these popular hybrids from Greenpoint Seeds.” With its range of flavors and, this strain has something for everyone.

Why Choose Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular seeds are the most natural type of seeds, producing both male and female plants. Unlike feminized seeds, which are made by using ethylene-blocking chemicals, regular seeds are made by crossing a male cannabis plant with a female plant.

Feminized seeds are popular because they produce 100 percent female offspring; however, this makes it difficult to use them for breeding purposes. If you’d like to save money by making your own cannabis seeds, regular seeds are the way to go. These seeds yield approximately 50 percent male and 50 percent female plants, making it easy to breed with them.

With regular seeds, you can preserve your favorite by inbreeding them or make your own unique hybrids by outcrossing them with other cultivars. These seeds also tend to be more sexually stable feminized seeds, allowing growers to select a keeper female plant that reliably produces seedless buds. While feminized seeds are becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis industry, many growers prefer to stick with regulars.

The Best High-yielding Regular Cannabis: Conclusion

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to work hard for months on end only to produce a meager yield of flavorless buds. If you’re looking for a high-yielding cultivar that doesn’t skimp on flavor and, any of the listed in this article will meet your needs. And the best part? Because these come in regular-seed form, you can use them to create your own hybrids.

Please contact us for more information about our regular cannabis seeds. While you’re here, browse our complete collection of premium seeds.

What are your favorite regular cannabis? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

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Now that you know about the highest-yielding regular, check out these popular hybrids from Greenpoint Seeds. 

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