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Here you will find the most comprehensive, up-to-date information about autoflowering cannabis seeds. Browse our archive of blog posts to learn about how to choose the best autoflowering strains, how to grow autoflowering plants, and loads of other information about this subspecies of cannabis.

Fast Harvest Time

Traditional photoperiod strains commonly take up to four months to be ready for harvest. In contrast, autoflowering strains can reach maturity in just eight to ten weeks. This rapid growth cycle means that growers can harvest multiple crops in a single season. It also makes it possible for growers in regions with shortened growing seasons to cultivate cannabis.

Easy To Grow

The autoflowering trait comes from the Ruderalis subspecies of cannabis. Ruderalis plants originated is the harsh climate of Eastern Europe, where the growing season is short, and the conditions are often not ideal for cannabis cultivation. As a result, autoflowering strains are typically more resilient to diseases and stressors than other types of cannabis are. They also begin the flowering cycle regardless of the lighting cycle, meaning that growers don’t need to change their lighting schedules. These factors make Autoflowering strains an excellent choice for inexperienced growers who may not be ready for more finicky cultivars.

Compact Size

Sativa strains are notorious for reaching tremendous heights, even in indoor gardens. These strains often require high- or low-stress training techniques to prevent them from stretching too high in the grow room. Autoflowering strains, on the other hand, tend to remain short and compact. These strains typically reach only three to four feet in height, making them ideal for indoor growers in confined spaces such as closets, cupboards, or grow tents.

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What are Autoflowering Seeds

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