Quality Cannabis Seeds – Finding the Best Seeds

As cannabis legalization catches on, more people are trying their hands at personal marijuana cultivation — and turning up some rather green thumbs in the process! But the most successful marijuana grows are the result of more than just diligent growers; plentiful, potent cannabis harvests start at the at the very beginning: from quality cannabis seeds.

So how can you find quality cannabis seeds that are worth the higher price tag? By understanding what it is that makes a cannabis seed high quality, of course.

Characteristics of a Quality Cannabis Seed

Seeds from sacks gone by are much less likely to produce the type of weed worthy of a toke in the first place. You can still plant them – and they may even produce female buds – but they’re significantly more likely to produce seedy weed and turn neighboring plants into hermies, too. Nevertheless, if you want to plant those (or any other cannabis seed you pick up), consider the following characteristics to ensure they are high quality.

  • Appearance: Some seeds are obviously bunk — you know the ones: those shriveled little white ones that are barely more than a shell and dust – but others may not be so obvious. Though we’re definitely fans of the whole ‘plant-‘em-if-you-got-‘em’ mentality, if you’re paying hard-earned cash for marijuana seeds, make sure they look the part. Quality cannabis seeds should be a deep brown color with dark veining and a glossy finish, free of cracks or damage, and firm under moderate pressure. Seeds with these characteristics have a high germination rate but still may result in male, non-flowering cannabis plants.
  • Source: Established cannabis breeders have a reputation to uphold. If you purchase cannabis seeds from a quality breeder, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a positive experience. Breeders know their seeds intimately (unlike your bro who found a few extra seeds in his last crop) and can tell you exactly what to expect during the grow cycle — albeit with some variation depending on phenotype — because they literally absorb themselves into learning about them.
  • Reviews: Anyone can tout their own expertise, but public perception of a company’s credibility will always speak the truth. If you want to know whether your cannabis seed distributor is as top-notch as he insists, check the online reviews for a little insight. Facebook can be an excellent place to find product/company reviews, as are Yelp and online grow forums.

What to Pay for Quality Cannabis Seeds

Collecting seeds from peppers or cantaloupe is easy enough – you literally just scoop them out when preparing them – but quality cannabis seeds are more difficult to produce. Breeders work meticulously with their favorite strains to bring out the best characteristics of the plant while breeding out the less desirable ones. The best breeders will also cultivate their plants numerous times to learn about their growth patterns and share them with their customers. Not only that, breeders will know the optimum time to harvest seeds which improves the likelihood of germination, and will store them correctly to ward against decomposition over time. The average price of regular cannabis seeds from a breeder ranges between $5 – $20 per seed.

Some breeders take additional steps to create feminized seeds, or seeds that have a 95 percent likelihood of producing female plants (as opposed to about a 60 percent chance of regular seeds being female). The process is timely and precise, but well worth the wait and the additional cost, especially for those dealing with limited space or plant counts. Feminized cannabis seeds are usually about twice the price of regular seeds.

Extending the Life of Your Favorite Strains

Cannabis seeds may be more expensive than your average garden vegetable, but their pay-off can be continuous if you save clones during a vegetative pruning. Clone machines work well to keep stems hydrated and oxygenated – both of which are an important part of the cloning process – while other more cost-effective supplies like rock wool cubes and cloning gel work well, too. We suggest avoiding introducing outside clones into your indoor grow, however, as they could bring contaminants along with them. Clones should only be taken from indoor plants already contained within your grow space.

You’ve invested a lot into your indoor cannabis grow; make sure the seeds you put in the soil match your grow space game. Before purchasing marijuana seeds online, ensure they are high quality cannabis seeds produced by experienced growers like us. Contact GreenPoint Seeds to learn more.

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