Growing Cannabis – Strain Selection for Home Grows

Growing your own marijuana at home is both fun and rewarding, and the payoff is well worth the wait. But growing cannabis indoors (which allows for year-round harvests) is a bit more involved than simply throwing a few seeds into the ground and waiting until harvest time. If you want to grow the best marijuana indoors, carefully consider which strains will do best in your indoor grow environment first. Your favorite Colorado seed bank is here to help

Space Requirements for Growing Cannabis

Different strains require different amounts of space to be fruitful. Sativas, for example (which hale from warmer regions near the equator (require ample space as they grow and stretch as high as eight feet or more under the right conditions.

Alternatively, indica strains have adapted to shorter growing periods by maturing quicker at a smaller size. Indica buds tend to be denser than sativas and therefore often produce more weight despite a smaller size.

Taking this into consideration, those with smaller grow spaces should opt for indica strains. That’s because they consume smaller spaces and complete the grow cycle more quickly. This not only allows for a more bountiful harvest because the plant will not be crowded but allows more frequent harvests, as well.

Analyzing Your Environment

Any strain can technically be grown indoors. However, indica or ruderalis-based stains tend to fair better indoors. This is especially true for novice growers or growers with limited time on their hands. That’s because indicas tend to be more hardy and able to withstand environmental factors like drops in temperature or stress due to pests and contaminants.

Having said that, Sativa strains are more resilient to high temperatures. Consequently, they are ideal for spaces that experience extreme heat. High temperatures are especially likely when using High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. These lights (both high pressure sodium and metal halide) produce much more heat and therefore require additional components like ballasts and cooling systems. However, their light penetration is much better and will produce denser buds – if they don’t burn up in the process.

A grow environment can have a profound impact on a plant’s final harvest. As such, understanding your grow space and plant needs will greatly affect the quality of your harvest. For example, indica strains are smaller and better able to withstand environmental stress. Alternatively, sativas are better able to handle the high heat of HID lights. As such, your best bet is to find a strain that falls on the indica/sativa spectrum in an area best suited for your space.

Finding Strains to Fit Your Preferences

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when growing cannabis indoors is its intended medicinal qualities. Obviously, if you don’t like sleepy, body highs, indicas may not be the best option for you despite their ease of growth. If you prefer sativas with their up-beat, cerebral highs, you can still grow them successfully with proper care.

For those looking to grow marijuana easily indoors, we suggest the following strains.

  • Bodega Bubblegum: This one is great for indoor grows because of its fast growth cycle and plentiful harvest. It’s both unique and easy to grow and is a pleasure to consume given it’s sweet, bubblegum flavor and mellow high.
  • Bandit Breath is a favorite among our team thanks to its awesome potency and relatively large yield for its small size. Flavor varies by the phenotype of this one but it’s always pungent and a pleasure to consume.
  • Chinook Haze: This sativa-dominant hybrid makes the list because of its relatively small size, quick grow time, and amazing flavor. Hailing from the Colorado favorite, Tangerine Haze, this pungent, citrus-flavored strain offers an uplifting high from a high-yielding plant.
  • Full Moon Fever: Full Moon Fever is the child of Durban Poison, one of the most popular cannabis strains of all time. The medium-sized plant produces dense, trichrome-packed buds as though it were a pure indica. The classic Durban features flavors of anise and black licorice. Users will soon experience a powerful head high with ample motivation to back it up.
  • Stardawg: Stardawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid that grows to a massive six feet or more. Those with limited plant counts and ample grow space will appreciate Stardawg output. It’s no wonder this Chem Dawg x Tres Dog cross is such a popular breeder for cultivars like Animal Star Cookies and Sky Master.

Are you going to start growing cannabis at home? Ensure your success with the best strains for indoor grow rooms from a Colorado seed bank like ours.

Do you have a favorite strain? We’d love to hear about it.

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52 thoughts on “Growing Cannabis – Strain Selection for Home Grows

  1. Guadalupe Munoz says:

    Thanks for the informative little blog really helps for picking a strain for my environment .. I grow in a tent with MH/HPS bulbs but I have a cooling system and keep a dehumidifier in the room that has the tent to keep my environment half ass descent.but anyways thanks for the nice read brother I sure do appreciate u taking the time to help people out like this

  2. jmwilson84 says:

    My Favorite strains created by GPS….
    Copper Chem ( might be the best ever) & Cookies and Chem! Those two ladies are very special! I can’t wait to pop more of your gear! Thanks GU and crew!

  3. Wes says:

    I have been on a roll collecting a few A+ genetics, and your gear in my hut is about as HOT as it gets…thanks for taking the time not only to help your customers easily attain tier 1 genetics, but to also educate them with helpful tips that your personal experience has blessed you with, likely the hard way over the years. I have been actively researching Cannabis since college (long time)…and then especially when my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism) in 1997 at the age of 5. I rely heavily on companies like Greenpoint (and a few of your partners) for cutting edge genetics and information, and have found starting with top quality gear is #1 before anything else. Your website is top notch and right on my shortcuts bar…the effort you have put in has not gone unnoticed…Applauds to very precise descriptions, awesome pictures, user feedback, company and breeder reputation…then add the wide selection of Indica, Sativa, hybrid, and CBD strains and you’re golden…wait, I forgot to add the greatest “reverse auction” customer integrated experience ever of eCommerce, with amazing price opportunities, and an extremely well done Nugget program…have I said enough!,

  4. CptnHowdy says:

    It’s nice to see A seed company that share so much information and knowledge with its customers on the different strains that are available because there are a lot to choose from and can feel overwhelming at times but when you have companies that put lists up it can help sum it up for you mean my 1st purchases from greenpoint seeds this year got 1 Bodega bubble gum ,1 Pioneer Kush
    2 Cookie Wreck And 2 packs Do si Dos.
    Love my Indicas for SoG technics, Sativas for my Gorilla

  5. Boosky71 says:

    Just picked up Copper Chem and I am excited to find a couple gems in this pack! I have personally had the privilege to grow original Chemdawg and let me tell you it was beyond special! To the point that my wife still talks about it to this day and that was years ago. Find the strain that best suits you and give it a shot, you just might find one that has all you that you want and stays within your grow space. Got Sundance Kid as well, hoping for that Sherbert pheno! Living in a legal state has allowed me to grow quite a few clone only elites and now I will find my own elites thanks to Greenpoint. Good luck to all and happy growing! Thanks Gu!

  6. Ron says:

    Gu and his buddies are the best in the industry. I have been on board for quite a time and have bough fifteen or more strains from here, the hardest part is finding the time to try them all. All the elite strains here are legit, and prompt reliable service. I would like to publicly thank Gu, for allowing me to get the strains I have always dreamed about . Ron

  7. Christopher says:

    This is your one stop shop for all your seed needs! I am so thrilled my buddy introduced me to this website. I have been purchasing steady on here for a couple years now and am only purchasing more as time passes and the grows go out. Nowhere else can you go online and fine this kind of quality and this kind of selection at the lowest prices possible out there. If the prices still are to high for you come back when a reverse auction is up and get it for way under it’s actual value. Gu is top notch with customer service and keeping this site run right. You won’t regret a single purchase ever!

  8. CptnHowdy says:

    You can always try micro breeding and isolat branches for seeds. Oh I’m sure there are I can’t wait to see all the posts later in the year From all the GPS product I know I’ll be getting a few up myself soon as construction and some repairs get done

  9. Davidkm says:

    Hello, I don’t have a comment, but I do have a question if you don’t mind .I’m from Alabama and I wanted to know if your company sends products to Alabama, thank you.

  10. johnny says:

    Running copper chem dream catcher calico queen chem 34 and bodega bubblegum with a buddy cant wait to see everything unfold and see what each pack has to offer! White master kush x stardawg and santa muerte x stardawg both have been my favorite strains to grow from GPS. Amazing genetics hands down.

  11. Dennis says:

    My favorite so far is the deputy!! Right out of the gate she has out grew everything that’s went against her kudos to greenpoint for this strain. Now western wizard is out i might have a new favorite strain we will see.

    • Greenthumbs119 says:

      I can’t see why not as long as you perfect the conditions inside to resemble outside I can’t see any problems! One reason they could say it’s outdoors is bc of how big it gets!

  12. johnny says:

    Every greenpoint seed I’ve popped has never been a disappointment they thrive outdoors cannot wait for harvest of dream catcher, calico queen, copper chem, bodega bubblegum , and chem 34.

    • Jay says:

      I’m growing the Bodega bubblegum outdoors as well, I got 6 girls from a pack, all very similar. They are few weeks into flower now. They all smell very sugary sweet, remind me a lot of the gum that came with packs of baseball cards when i was younger.

  13. Robert Ridenour says:

    I was fortunate enough to seed out these two of Gu’s. The Golden Nuggets and the Golden Goat x Polar Bear OG. Now I am considering breeding the two together as well as individually as well to get more seed of each. Both of these were so good and I find it a surprise that they are no longer available. Does GPS have any intentions on bringing these strains back.

  14. Crowmega says:

    Which Strains tend to give the larger yeilds? I just purchased Bananimals for a trial run, but what other strains should I go after if I want a larger Crop?

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