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How To Find the Best Cannabis Seed Bank

How To Find the Best Cannabis Seed Bank

When it comes to purchasing high-quality cannabis seeds online, you need to be confident that the seeds you’re buying are of the highest possible quality. Many growers buy their seeds from their local cannabis seed shops or online seed banks. However, the importance of choosing the right seed bank can’t be underestimated. As such, it’s always vital to consider various factors when deciding on a seed bank so that you will not make a mistake. Here are some tips on how to find the best cannabis seed bank.

The Variety of Seeds

The first thing to consider when choosing a cannabis seed bank is the variety and quality of the seeds they offer. There are three main varieties of seeds, which include feminized seeds, auto-flowering feminized seeds, and regular seeds. Regular cannabis seeds can be a mixture of Indica and Sativa plants and can be both male and female. Auto-flowering feminized seeds produce plants that flower automatically irrespective of the environmental conditions and period. These seeds are suitable for beginner growers due to their resilience but produce fewer yields. Feminized seeds are the most popular and have a 99.9% probability of producing female plants that will produce a lot of buds and give bigger harvests.

The Type of Cannabis Seed Bank

The three main types of seed banks are seed breeders, seed brands, and seed resellers. These categories have a different range of cannabis seeds. Cannabis seed breeders cultivate their strains and mostly supply them to seed brands and seed resellers. An individual can, however, make orders in bulk. They may have little customer service and limited payment options. The benefit of buying from seed breeders are the lower seed costs and the assurance of buying from the source. Cannabis seed brands have a big selection of seeds, may have global shipping, excellent customer service, and have guarantees on germination and delivery. Cannabis seed resellers have a large selection of strains sourced from different brand breeders. Their prices can be higher and are not focused on quality and may not provide a guarantee of germination.

The Seed Bank’s Shipping Policies 

When buying cannabis seeds from an online seed bank, ensure that the seed bank offers good delivery policies. Domestic shipping takes up to 5 business days. Some international companies ship within six business days, while others have a shipping time of more than 12 business days. Most seed banks also do not ship to countries or states where cannabis growing is illegal. However, some might ship to the states where cannabis is illegal using stealth shipping. This involves removing seeds from original packages and putting them in random objects. Stealth shipping also prevents theft. Ensure that your order comes with tracking. Some seed banks offer free replacements if your order gets held by customs.

Strain Selection 

It is crucial to choose a seed bank with a good selection of cannabis strains. Different seed banks have different strains. Some also breed their own seeds. You can get your favorite strain or enjoy a variety of strains from these cannabis seed banks.

The Reputation of the Seed Bank

When buying cannabis seeds, research the seed bank carefully. Check how long the seed bank has been in business and use sites such as Trustindex to find their customer reviews. Ensure you choose a seed bank with a track record for excellence and reliability. Find one with seed quality, delivery policies, and customer service favorable to you. You must also ensure that you check if the online seed bank has a physical store. Companies with physical stores are credible. You can as well check if the company has an events page on their website, exhibits their cannabis products at cannabis events, or even host events. You might as well look for established and registered companies in business directories and check if their social media accounts are responsive and active.

The Price of the Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds of premium quality from established seed companies cost around $5-$12 per seed. The harvest from these seeds will be worth the price in the end. Unfortunately, there are seed resellers who charge high rates for low-quality seeds. There are also resellers selling low price seeds. Ensure you carry out proper research before buying seeds to get value for your money.

Payment and Promotions

Some seed banks offer promotions, while others don’t. Some offer up to 50% discount on select strains and varieties. You can try shopping around different seed banks to find good deals on strains that you have been looking for. Also, check the payment methods accepted by the company. There are several methods you can use, such as credit or debit cards, bank, and cash transfers. Some companies even accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Due to cannabis’s complicated legal status, there have been issues with credit card processors and seed companies. Also, check if the company has secure payment facilities to ensure your payments are protected.

The Company’s Customer Service

A good seed company must offer excellent customer service to its customers. Find a seed bank that has helpful and supportive staff who can help you out if you encounter a problem. The company’s customer service should also guide you in the buying process, answer any questions you have on the strains and varieties and sort you out in case of a challenge.

Germination Guarantee 

The germination guarantees a seed company offers vary greatly from company to company. Some offer 80-100% germination guarantees, while others don’t provide any warranties. To be on the safe side, buy from seed banks that offer germination guarantees.

Final Thoughts on How To Find the best Cannabis Seed Bank

Choosing between the many different cannabis seed banks can be difficult. It would be best if you considered the above factors before choosing a seed bank to ensure you are dealing with a trustworthy and reputable company.

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