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Best US Seed Bank

After years of meticulous breeding, we’re proud to offer our customers high-quality cannabis seeds from some of America’s top breeders. Our seeds have been carefully selected for optimum flavor, cannabinoid content, and growth habits. Both regular and autoflower seeds are available. Order cannabis seed strains from the USA today for worldwide shipping.

Why Choose Greenpoint as your US Seed Bank?

There are many reasons to make Greenpoint your default cannabis seed provider. On top of our amazing customer service, we offer the following benefits:

  • Huge selection of regular and autoflowering cannabis seeds from a US Seed Bank
  • Elite genetics from experienced breeders across the nation
  • Rotating stock to ensure new, exciting seed choices every time
  • Discreet billing to protect you from restrictive banking practices
  • Covert packaging helping ensure your package makes it into your hands
  • Ultra-fast shipping to get you started right away
  • Discount opportunities for members and return customers

Still not convinced? Let’s ask some of our customers about their experience with GreenPoint Seeds.

Loving our rotating stock, Devin tells us,

This is my new go to place for seeds. Got to collect em all.”

Thanks, Devin! We appreciate your continued support.

Ronnie tells us,

“[Greenpoint Seeds is a] Great company! Honest, reliable, responsive with Super fast, Discrete Shipping!”

We’re sure glad you noticed, Ronnie! We’ve worked hard to be the best at what we do.

Greenpoint aims to be one of the best cannabis seeds USA providers by offering premium genetics, top-notch customer service, and a smooth shopping experience. Log in today and let us know what you think!