Exotic Genetix

Founded in Tacoma, Washington, in 2008, Exotic Genetix is a seed company that has quickly become one of the most influential brands in the cannabis industry. With its laundry list of renowned strains, this seed company has won numerous awards and accolades from growers around the world.

Mike, the founder of Exotic Genetix, started the seed company with the purpose of helping friends and fellow growers. After seeing numerous growers struggle with pest- and disease-ridden clones, he began handing out seeds to whoever needed them.

Soon, demand for his marijuana seeds spread throughout Washington, and Mike began brainstorming ways to expand his operation to include a wider selection of strains. With the help of some close friends, he was able to create his own seed company and share his passion for cannabis with growers around the nation.

Over the last decade, Exotic Genetix has created some of the most sought-after strains on the market. With hits such as Cookies & Cream, Kimbo Kush, and Grease Monkey, this breeder has become a heavyweight in the industry. And with so much buzz surrounding his strains, Mike doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. In an interview with Leafly, he said:

“I see Exotic Genetix becoming a household name. I want to be like a craft beer that you go and grab off the shelf. I want to be that consistent, top-quality product that isn’t going to break the bank.”

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Customer Reviews

Phillip Brinkley says:


It's good

2023-02-04 23:24:00 February 04, 2023

Dave says:


Order shipped and received in a timely fashion.

2023-02-03 02:18:40 February 03, 2023

Terry says:


Customer service was excellent, friendly and very helpful, I will definitely be a future customer of green point seeds

2023-02-02 08:30:12 February 02, 2023



Whole garden is Greenpoint

2023-01-31 21:29:11 January 31, 2023

Terence says:


Every seed popped. I ordered from NY growers to see who was better 3 out of 15 popped. I referred my friends to you guys. Y'all are the best.

2023-01-31 16:46:55 January 31, 2023

Michael Barbieri says:


Always great

2023-01-31 16:01:34 January 31, 2023

Charles says:


These are growing like weed lol

2023-01-30 14:37:18 January 30, 2023

Ryan Owen says:


Super fast. Super cheap.

2023-01-29 22:05:46 January 29, 2023

Ryan Owen says:


Fast. Not one complain in over 20 orders.

2023-01-29 21:59:43 January 29, 2023

Jeremy says:


Loved this strain. Very resilient. Great taste. It liked a bit more food than expected! Perfect customer service and time frame

2023-01-27 18:48:44 January 27, 2023

Lance Mehuren says:


Wicked fast delivery Amazing strains

2023-01-27 13:30:18 January 27, 2023

Nevaeh says:


Website was very easy to navigate. Customer service was nice and the delivery was discreet and quick.

2023-01-24 17:41:02 January 24, 2023

Lord Michael Skinner says:



2023-01-24 12:14:41 January 24, 2023

Donald L. says:


Easy to order, fast delivery, germination rate high. Chance of finding something you like 100%

2023-01-23 16:00:18 January 23, 2023

Craig Havens says:


I never have an issue with anything I purchase from Greenpoint, Never!, That's why they are Number one in my book. Absolutely the Best seed supplier I have ever used.And I thank you for that

2023-01-23 12:16:39 January 23, 2023