Girl Scout Cookies Strain

If you’ve spent any time shopping for marijuana seeds, you’ve probably heard of the Girl Scout Cookies strain. This award-winning cultivar has become one of the most sought-after strains around the world. Its sweet, earthy flavor, potent effects, and dazzling bag appeal have made Girl Scout Cookies a favorite among medical and recreational users alike. This Indica-dominant hybrid can be somewhat tricky to cultivate; however, it rewards patient growers with a harvest of dense, resin-encrusted buds that will satisfy any cannabis connoisseur.

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Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain is said to be an Indica-dominant cross of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and another mysterious variety known as F1. This cultivar unites the potency and bag appeal of OG Kush with the sweet, minty flavor of Durban Poison, creating a flavorful and potent hybrid that delivers blissfully soothing effects.

Girl Scout Cookies, often called GSC, is adored for its sweet, earthy aroma and flavor. This variety fills the room with notes of cookie dough, menthol, and damp soil. Hints of skunk and fuel also become noticeable when breaking apart the dense, sticky buds.

This cultivar is exceptionally potent, with tests showing between 17 percent and 28 percent THC content. As such, the GSC strain provides a potent but balanced high that relaxes the body and sends the mind into a tranquil and euphoric state. Its muscle-relaxing and mood-elevating qualities have made Girl Scout Cookies a staple at dispensaries around the United States.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

At Greenpoint Seeds, we have a diverse collection of cultivars that descend from the famed Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain. Our Cookies hybrids offer unmatched trichome production, potent effects, and rich flavors.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain History

Girl Scout Cookies was created in California by the renowned Cookies Family—a group of prominent breeders such as Berner, Jigga, PieGuy, and others. The breeders are believed to have created GSC by combining OG Kush with a proprietary strain known as F1 Durban.

Girl Scout Cookies Yield

The GSC strain is a moderate yielder, producing an average of 10 ounces per square meter. Growers can increase the yield of this strain by using high- and low-stress training methods such as super cropping, fimming, and topping. A powerful light source and a nutrient-rich diet can also help to increase productivity.

Girl Scout Cookies Flowering Time

GSC is a fast-flowering strain that typically reaches maturity within nine to ten weeks. When provided with a stress-free environment, it can complete the flowering cycle as early as eight weeks. Growers can tell when the plants are ready for harvest by observing the trichomes on the flowers. When the plants are fully ripe, these resin glands will turn from clear to cloudy and amber.

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies is a legendary cultivar that is cherished by growers and users across the globe. Its robust flavor, outstanding bag appeal, and deeply relaxing effects have made GSC a go-to strain for medical and recreational users. Shop our Girl Scout Cookies hybrids, and don’t forget to check out our complete collection of high-quality marijuana seeds.

Contact Greenpoint Seeds for more information about our GSC seeds. Don’t forget to browse our wide selection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds.

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