Highest Yielding Indica Strains

Highest Yielding Indica Strains 

For cannabis users who plan to cultivate their own cannabis, the yield is undoubtedly one of the primary determining factors. That is why growers should only have the highest yielding Indica strains on their shopping list. Every cannabis farmer wants to get the maximum yield from their crop. Though several factors will affect the output, planting an Indica strain with high-yield genetics is the best way to initiate a bountiful harvest. This article presents a detailed discussion of the highest-yielding Indica strains to enable growers to receive the best harvest. The list is made up of the best indoor and outdoor Indica strains in the world.

1. Northern Lights – The Highest Yielding Indica Strain

Northern Lights comprises 90% Indica genes and 10% sativa genes . It performs well in both varieties in that it is one of the best crops that give high harvest for both indoor and outdoor farmers. This Indica dominant species’ content will give users long-lasting physical and mental relaxation from its 18% levels. Besides, growers can easily cultivate it. It has a flowering period of seven to nine weeks and is usually ready for harvest as early as mid-October in most outdoor growing regions. Northern Lights contains a sweet, citrusy smell blended with skunky and spicy undertones. It is suitable for generating an uplifting- sometimes sleepy- high and yields an abundant harvest of dense buds. Pros Good-looking bud colors. Yields 12 to 16 oz per three by three ft. Produces a pleasing citrus flavor. Cons Requires a lot of light to produce maximum.

2. Critical Kush Strain

Researchers made this strain from OG Kush and Critical Mass plants. Most cannabis users acknowledge its sweet flavor evocative of citrus. Additionally, it packs a punch with its strength and is among the best indoor Indica plants for bumper harvest and influence. However, growers must be cautious with the outdoor cultivation of Critical Kush. It is highly vulnerable to mold; hence it is not among the highest-yielding outdoor crops. Its buds mold from inside out instead of the normal process outside inwards. Therefore, it is essential for farmers to create an environment where they can easily modify the humidity. Besides, they should supplement low humidity with adequate feeding to ensure a bountiful harvest. Pros Adequate nutrition generates high yields. Has a citrus flavor. Yields potent buds. Cons It is highly vulnerable to mold when cultivated outside.

3. White Widow Strain

White Widow is among the most common Indica strains that cannabis farmers can easily cultivate. It also produces high yields. Growers have found it to thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. Originating from Amsterdam, researchers developed White Widow by cross-pollinating the Brazilian landrace strains with Sothern India strains. Users praise it for its euphoric influence, but farmers acknowledge its buds and resin bumper yields. While it originates from Amsterdam, White Widow is a typical high yielding indoor strain worldwide. It is highly resistant to mold and pests, and flowers within nine weeks. It performs well in an indoor environment. Once farmers buy the seeds, the plant requires little attention compared to other Indica species. And by the way, it has won many awards, showing that it is a recognized strain globally. Pros Award-winning Indica species. Thrives well in indoor conditions. Not vulnerable to pests and mold. Cons Does not perform so well in outdoor settings.

4. Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream is undoubtedly one of the most popular Indica strains that boost high harvest in the US. Growers also acknowledge its high bud yield. It has mildew-resistant buds that are tasty, readily available, and plenty in number. Its buds are euphoric and produce a mellowing a characteristic resulting from its pollination of Indica and sativa crops. Common among first-time and seasoned growers and users, Blue Dream is among the highest-yielding Indica strains. It does not require too much care, and it does well in outdoor conditions since it was initially invented to serve these roles in California. This strain yields maximum harvest in an outdoor setup, reacting well to warm Mediterranean weather. As one of the best performing outdoor Indica strains, Blue Dream has a tall, angular growth with compact buds. While there are several other high yielding Indica strains to grow, Blue Dream is the right choice for growers, especially those searching for a cash crop that you can tender easily and matures quickly. Pros Suitable for outdoor setup. Yields compact buds. It is a mildew-resistant strain.

5. Cheese Quake Strain

As the name suggests, Cheese Quake is a blend of Cheese and Quake strains. It is among the purest hybrids worldwide, having ideal genes from both species and exploiting them to produce an excellent balance between physical and intellectual high. Cheese Quake buds produce a distinctive aroma- a funky smell filled with fruity undertones that users love so much. It performs well in greenhouse settings, and it is among the highest-yielding indoor Indica strains. Growers should supply this strain with nutrients early enough to maintain its bushy growth. Otherwise, it grows dynamically, attaining huge sizes without too much care. However, seasoned farmers recommend careful pruning and low-stress training for it to yield maximally. Pros It has a combination of good genes. Has a pleasing aroma. Proliferates in indoor conditions. Cons Requires pruning and low-stress training to produce high yields.

6. Purple Trainwreck Strain

Purple Trainwreck is another high-yielding and easy to cultivate Indica strains, which thrives in outdoor settings. It originates from California, and growers rank it among the best yielding Indica strains with a reasonably short flowering period. Researchers developed it from Trainwreck and Mendocino Purps. It produces a similar smell and as Trainwreck, but with the flexibility and productivity of Mendro Purp. It will give you a long-lasting and exhilarated high The Purple Trainwreck strain grows well in indoor and outdoor conditions and flowers within eight weeks. It is the best option if you plan to harvest buds in the early fall. Pros Thrives under light-deprived conditions. Is a resilient and high-yielding strain. Has a short flowering period. Cons Falls below the ranks in best overall high.

7. Critical Mass Strain

This Indica strain shares its lineage with other high-yielding strains, such as the Big Bud. It is one of the world’s newest cannabis plants and is suitable for farmers seeking a plentiful harvest. The plant has thick and chunky stems and buds. It thrives well in indoor settings and gives some of the purest buds helpful in commercial production. Besides, it requires minimal care, and farmers can easily clone it with other breeds. Contrary to the White Widow, Critical Mass is vulnerable to molds; hence, it should be grown in a greenhouse. Nevertheless, farmers with large pieces of land can grow it outdoor by widely spacing the seedlings to accommodate their big buds. Its buds have a lemon and skunk-like aroma with moderate soar undertones. It will you an impeccable knockout high. Pros It flowers within 45 days. Yields approximately 750 g/m2 when cultivated indoors. Gives smokers a knockout high. Cons Growers need to stake the stems.

8. Big Bud Strain

Researchers acknowledge it as one of the highest yielding Indica strains. It is a blend of Northern Lights, Skunk #1, and Afghani species. It is an Indica dominant strain and has a bushy shape that resembles other major Indica strains. Cultivators can grow it indoors or outdoors, but it does well indoors because it is vulnerable to mold. The Big Bud strain produces maximally in warm and dry weather, and when these conditions are kept constant, it gives a big harvest. It develops big buds that are unable to hold themselves up well. Pros It flowers within nine weeks. It gives a mellow high. Farmers can breed it with other hybrids easily. Cons It is vulnerable to mold when grown outside.

9. Chronic Strain

Chronic is another modern high-yielding Indica strain. It is a blend of various high-yielding strains, such as Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47. Its seedlings grow into hardy plants with lateral limbs that have huge, dense flowers. Additionally, mature stems contain one primary upper cola. Chronic is one of the best yielding outdoor plants for warm and dry weather. It yields heavy buds weighing almost 650 g/m2 inside. The buds are resinous and have a sugary taste. Users experience a drowsy and soothing feeling after smoking. Pros It flowers within eight weeks. Growers can easily find standard and feminized Chronic seeds. Farmers can grow it in a greenhouse and open air. Cons When cultivated indoors, it requires pruning.

10. Pineapple Express Strain

Pineapple Express is a spicy Indica hybrid that originates from Hawaii but is currently grown worldwide. It is a combination of Skunk and Big Bud to make a high-yielding crop containing a fruity taste. Also, it has a short flowering period. This Indica strain matures to medium-tall heights because of the 60/40 combination of sativa and Indica species. It requires adequate nutrients and produces maximally when you employ methods such as topping, super-cropping, and low-stress training. Pineapple Express produces a big bud strain harvest, giving over 450 g/m2 when cultivators give it the optimum conditions in a greenhouse. However, it is also one of the highest outdoor Indica strains, which yields many pounds per plant. Remember to stake the stems to support the heavy buds outweighing them. The strain has multiple aromas, like musty, skunk, and pineapple. It gives a head high and a strong full-body buzz. Pros It will give you a full-body high. Produces big and heavy buds. Os one of the best performing greenhouse Indica strains. Cons It requires adequate nutrients to produce maximally.

11. Afghani Strain

As the name suggests, the Afghani strain originates from Afghanistan Mountains. Immigrants took it to the West during the hippie trail period. Later, Americans grew, inbred, and crossbred it with sativa strains. Skunk is the first popular Afghani strain that contains a robust stinky aroma. Since then, researchers have used the Afghani strain in several breeding exercises. Most Indica strains trace their origin back to the Afghani and the Maple Leaf Wilson. Though Afghani is not the most potent species with maximum levels of about 20%, it is one of the highest-yielding Indica strains today. It will give smokers a deep high, which is useful for when you want to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Pros It produces an earthy aroma and sweet taste. Users can use it for purposes.

12. Girl Scout Cookies Strain

This is one of the highest-yielding Indica strains that has won several awards for its high levels, hitting 28%. The robust makes it one of the best Indica strains for use. While researchers breed in California initially, it is currently found worldwide. This is mainly because of its power to give users a euphoric experience, which is not found in other Indica strains. Users can apply Girl Scout Cookies to reduce pain and nausea, regain appetite, and heal other conditions. It provides a 60:40 ratio of Indica to sativa, meaning you can get the best of both species in this strain. Pros It has a sweet and earthy taste. It is to lessen multiple conditions.

13. G-13 Strain

This is perhaps one of the most popular Indica strains because it is the only strain developed by the US government. It can relieve draining symptoms like lack of appetite, seizures, nausea, and others. It contains 22-24% content and gives an artistic. Additionally, it provides a couch-looking euphoric. However, the G-13 strain is not suitable if you want a long-term boost of energy and creativity since it is has a short-lived influence. With 70% Indica genes and a powerful orange aroma, G-13 is useful for users looking for cannabis benefits. It enhances the mood and appetite and minimizes muscle spasms, pain, and nausea. Pros It produces dense and resinous flower clusters. Thrives in a greenhouse setting. It has an exceptional orange aroma and flavor. Cons It is prone to mold when grown outside.

How to Achieve the Best Yields

Choosing one of the highest-yielding Indica strains is a good starting point for growers planning to harvest the biggest and densest buds. Now, what differentiates a high-yield plant from the rest? It is seeds that researchers have selectively bred for bountiful harvests. High-yielding strains are more resilient to environmental factors, like mold, and are more centered on production capacity than anything else. Nevertheless, there are several other aspects farmers should look at as they cultivate the highest yielding Indica strain:
  • They should ensure your plants have adequate nutrients to boost their growth regardless of whether they are practicing indoor or outdoor cultivation.
  • For a greenhouse setup, farmers should use high-powered lighting equipment to give crops at least six hours of sunlight every day.
  • Ensure they harvest their plants when they have reached full maturity for maximum yield.


Whether a grower is planning to make profits with a bountiful harvest or simply wants to harvest enough cannabis for their individual needs and their colleagues, the way to go is choosing the highest Indica strains. The grower will obtain more cannabis for your needs and also enjoy the whole farming experience. Contact us to learn more about the highest-yielding Indica strains. While you’re here, don’t forget to browse our wide selection of regular and feminized seeds. What are your favorite Indica strains? Let us know in the comment section below.

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