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Why You Should Never Buy Dirt Cheap Seeds

Why You Should Never Buy Dirt Cheap Seeds

Buying and cultivating cannabis seeds has become popular for many cannabis lovers who want to be self-sufficient in satisfying their and recreational needs. Once you have acquired a grow tent containing the right equipment, you can fulfill your cannabis needs for a fraction of the value of cannabis quoted in online stores, dispensaries, or social clubs. This article presents a strong argument about why you should never buy dirt cheap seeds. The primary cost for individual indoor growers is electricity and fertilizers. You can purchase the best quality cannabis seeds at around $5 and up per seed. One feminized seed can grow into plant-bearing buds worth hundreds of dollars. Therefore, you can save a lot by purchasing quality seeds and cultivating them yourself. Let’s start by looking into the legality of buying cannabis seeds. 

Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Because of the grey legal landscape of cannabis worldwide, the legality of buying cannabis seeds depends on which country you come from. In some countries, like the UK, you can purchase cannabis seeds as souvenirs. However, they immediately become illegal after germination. In the Netherlands, you are allowed to cultivate a small number of cannabis plants outside. Some regions in the USA and Canada will allow you to buy and grow cannabis seeds as long as you abide by the legalized plant numbers and have the state’s licenses.  Most recreational and cannabis growers overlook the law. They believe that years of cannabis ban have led to a biased legal status. In many jurisdictions, the regulations for the cultivation and use of cannabis products have become progressively less repressive in the last five years. That has cheered many cannabis lovers to consider small-scale cannabis growing from feminized seeds

Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Dirt Seeds

Germination Rate

All seeds have a specific type of energy, known as germination rate, linked to them. This energy is what brings the difference in what you will get from your seeds.  The incredible transformation of seeds into seedlings is known as germination. A seed absorbs moisture at the ideal temperature, and various enzymatic processes convert the stored food into usable energy for growth. The seed’s metabolic activities speed up, and it swells, producing its first roots and later opening up its cotyledon.    Most feminized seeds will successfully undergo this transformation and become seedlings. At least 89 out of 100 feminized quality seeds will germinate if the other germination conditions (water, light, and oxygen) remain constant. However, you may only experience a germination rate of about 10 out of 100 for dirt cheap seeds. It is important to note that the germination rate of cannabis seeds is influenced by several factors, most of which occur even before buying the seeds, such as the farm’s fertility, where the seeds were previously grown. Besides, as the seed ages, its germination rate decreases also. This is expected since the seed enzymes gradually use up some of the stored energy reserves to survive.  The rate at which germination power declines is also affected by the starting vigor, seed type (some seeds age out quicker than others), and handling in storage. Dirt cheap seeds tend to be mishandled during storage and may even be infected by pests. 

Dirt Cheap Seeds can be a False Economy

Dirt cheap seeds can be significant and even genetically stable. However, these seeds can later emerge as a false economy. If you buy a batch of seeds, and only 10% of them successfully germinate under optimum conditions, then that is a big false economy.  Still, the 10% that will manage to grow will be highly vulnerable to cannabis pests and diseases as they lack the vigor to grow to maturity. Low seed vigor translates to minimal growth potential. Remember, the sellers of those dirt-cheap seeds don’t care about the success of your investment. They are merely chasing quick money.

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Never Buy Dirt Cheap Seeds

It is advisable to avoid dirt cheap seeds at all costs- even when you want to save money. As we have seen in the discussion, such seeds have low germination rates and act as a false economy. Luckily, you can buy seeds from reputable cannabis brands, like Greenpoint Seeds.  We sell quality cannabis seeds that enhance your cultivation efficiency. Rather than buying dirt cheap seeds with low germination rates, purchase our feminized quality seeds to realize the value of your money and time! You can check our products to see why Greenpoint Seeds is your number source of quality cannabis sees globally.  Do you have any experience with dirt cheap seeds that you could like to share with other cannabis farmers?
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