How to Know Which Cannabis Seeds to Buy

How to Know Which Cannabis Seeds to Buy

How to know which cannabis seeds to buy is a big decision to make. Ask any experienced cannabis farmers, and they will sing the same vibe; do thorough research to get high-quality seeds from legit retailers that will ensure healthy crops with optimal potential yields possible. Best cannabis seeds have unique characteristics that actually set them apart, but sadly, it can be difficult for some consumers (especially beginners) to identify them. With so many suppliers and different strains out there, how can someone pick the best seeds? Here is how to know the best cannabis seeds to buy:


Undoubtedly, nutrients, lighting, water, and other crucial external factors determine the end products of crops, but making sure the intended-to-plant seeds are healthy and produce desired yields is vital. There are a few visual indicators that may give a grower an idea about cannabis seed quality. Some details are quite easy to identify, while others need higher scrutiny levels.


Decent quality cannabis seeds have dark shells typically with shades of black, brown, or grey and (sometimes) displaying tiger-like stripes or mottled patterns on their surfaces. If the seeds are white, pale green, or yellow, they are immature and will take more time to germinate than it would be for mature seeds – or they won’t germinate at all.

Size & Shape

Growers can easily spot quality seeds by their size & shape when they compare a few seeds side by side. The largest cannabis seeds are both the healthiest and best to cultivate. Also, quality seeds have symmetrical round or teardrop shapes, while underdeveloped seeds are small and usually asymmetrical or irregular.


Healthy cannabis seeds have thin waxy coatings around their shell. Plus, a farmer can notice a slight sheen when he/she hold up the seeds to bright light.


Someone can gather lots of information from the texture & hardness of cannabis seed. How to know which cannabis seeds to buy also involves picking them up and feeling their shells for the following:

Hardness & Durability

Mature, top-tier cannabis seeds have a hard outer shell able even to withstand the pressure when squeezed between fingers. Undesirable seeds will disintegrate under slight pressure. In such a case, the seeds are weak, dead, or too old and won’t produce healthy plants if germinated. If a farmer knows how old (fully mature) cannabis seeds look like, he/she can have a great idea of how viable they are. Rotten or mold-infested seeds are some signs of too old (years and years of storage) products that farmers should avoid.


Low quality cannabis seeds possess soft shells that are easily damaged. Such seeds will definitely have splits or cracks on them, exposing the inside. Top-quality seeds have hard shells with smooth, uncracked surfaces. While seeing or feeling cannabis seeds may give lots of information about seeds quality, it isn’t always accurate. Even the nice-looking ones might be duds, especially frozen seeds. A farmer can further do better on how to know which cannabis seeds to buy through other ways like;

Float Test

Float test is a straightforward and more scientific approach for determining seed quality. A consumer can do the test by just dipping seeds in spring or distilled water for 1-2 hours. Seeds that float are deemed poor quality and should be discarded, while the ones that sunk are healthy, quality seeds. After the test, farmers must plant the seeds right away – soaking will soften their shells, and they won’t survive storage.

Germinating Them Anyway

This is the most obvious (yet risky) way a grower can test seed quality. This option best suits hobby growers with enough space and time to spare for such a risky project. It’s highly recommended for farmers to perform float tests (especially seeds stored for a long time; 5 -10 years) and others to determine seeds quality before planting to ensure healthy crops and the highest possible yields.

Male or Female Cannabis Plants?

Despite various tests, it’s hard to tell if cannabis seeds will produce male or female crops; thus, farmers should buy specific seeds – regular, feminized, or autoflowering – based on their growing needs. Equally important, growers should identify and remove male crops as early as they can before developing pollen sacs. A single male plant might pollinate a whole field. In 4-6 weeks, nodes will develop at the meeting point of the plant’s stem and stalk. Female crops develop white hairs at internodal joints, whereas male ones develop rounded internodal sacs that produce pollen – the pre-flowering stage. Besides, male plants grow faster and taller with thicker stalks compared to female plants. At this time, a farmer can ensure the desired yields depending on the purpose of grown crops.

How to Know Which Cannabis Seeds to Buy Today?

Farmers should be able to identify the best seed bank, just like how to know which cannabis seeds to buy. With a keen eye & reputable seed bank like Greenpoint Seeds, high-quality cannabis seeds that ensure optimum yields are guaranteed. We offer top-tier cannabis seeds in a wide variety of strains to choose from. Contact us today – we will offer you exactly what you want. Do you know how to identify the best cannabis seeds to buy? Has this blog helped you to choose the right cannabis seeds to purchase? Please, share your views in the comment section below. We value your feedback!
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