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Bruce Banner Strain 

Named after the Incredible Hulk’s alter-ego, this super-strong marijuana strain exhibits the best of the best in cannabis genetics. Also known as “Banner” and “OG Banner,” this hybrid will blow you away with its exceptionally high THC content.

With the Bruce Banner cannabis strain, you really can have it all. It strikes the perfect balance between Indica and Sativa with its mentally stimulating and physically relaxing effects.

Greenpoint Seeds carries the best cannabis seeds available for purchase online. Interested in growing the elite genetics of Banner? We offer seeds of The Deputy strain, an incredible cross between Bruce Banner and Stardawg. We’re committed to providing you with the best genetics on the market at the most affordable prices.

Bruce Banner Strain Info

Originally bred by Dark Horse Genetics in 2008, Bruce Banner is a cross between classic OG Kush and delicious Strawberry Diesel. As the creators of some of the world’s most potent strains, Dark Horse Genetics has received multiple Cannabis Cup wins. The team behind Dark Horse Genetics has decades of experience cultivating cannabis strains, and Banner is one of their finest offerings.

Bruce Banner Strain Review

Bruce Banner is an exceptional strain with a widespread reputation for its extremely high THC content. As one of the strongest cannabis strains currently available, its THC content typically ranges between 25 percent and 29 percent. Incredibly, Bruce Banner #3, one of its most popular phenotypes, often tests at THC levels of over 30 percent.

The Bruce Banner marijuana strain is perfect for medical users and cannabis connoisseurs who want quick, potent relief from pain, stress, and tension. As a hybrid cultivar, this strain perfectly balances its Indica and Sativa effects.

Expect a deep, relaxing body high that will melt away all your stress and tension. You will feel a gentle, calming buzz throughout your whole body. Its Sativa effects will take you to the next level. You can expect to feel energetic, lively, and giggly. The euphoric head high will fill you with creative, mood-boosting energy. With its powerful introspective effects, this strain creates a delightfully stoned experience. A high from the award-winning Bruce Banner weed strain is truly unforgettable.

This strain’s most abundant terpene is Myrcene, followed by Caryophyllene and Limonene. With its herbaceous, peppery, and citrusy flavors, this cultivar has pungent, earthy notes that will excite your taste buds. Experience a diesel aroma with sweet undertones when you light up this cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Bruce Banner #3, the strain’s most powerful phenotype, produces the strongest sweet strawberry and diesel flavors.

Bruce Banner Strain Yield

Whether you grow it indoors or outdoors, Bruce Banner has a medium to high yield that you can boost by training your plant. If you choose to grow indoors, expect it to yield around 21 ounces per meter. Expect a generous yield of 35 ounces per plant if you choose to grow it outside. You’ll love its dense, bright green nugs, which flaunt curly orange pistils and a thick coating of trichomes.

Growing Bruce Banner Strain

Although Bruce Banner grows well indoors and outdoors, you should consider growing it outside if you live in a dry climate. Environments with ample sun and low moisture help the plant reach its full potential. If you must grow it inside, be sure to put in place specific measures to control the climate.

Like its namesake, Bruce Banner is a hearty, healthy strain that can stand up to pests, diseases, powdery mildew, and mold.

The Bruce Banner marijuana strain has a typical flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. If you choose to grow your plant outdoors, it should be ready for harvest in early October.

Bruce Banner Seeds

The famous Bruce Banner strain has caused quite a stir since its debut on the cannabis scene. As one of the most potent varieties around, its THC content can knock the socks off even the most experienced cannabis connoisseur. If you love a hybrid that perfectly balances its Indica and Sativa effects, check out this exceptional strain. Its mind-blowing head high and deeply relaxing body buzz will make you feel like it’s your first time getting high all over again.

Here at Greenpoint Seeds, we offer seeds from The Deputy strain, a cross between the extra-powerful Bruce Banner #3 phenotype and the legendary Stardawg strain. With a sweet strawberry-diesel flavor and high THC content, The Deputy exhibits the best of Bruce Banner and Stardawg genetics. You’ll love its euphoric, heady effects and relaxing body high.

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CitySlicker from gu... There's one major problem with this strain.. Choosing a keeper!!! Has been on of the hardest culls I've ever had to do started with 22 seeds, 21 popped, a few died off at the beginning (my fault, equipment malfunction) I ended up with 14 healthy plants, 6 males (of which 4 could've been studs, STINKY STINKY in veg i could smell them from outside thats after 2 carbon filters) then you had the female plants... WOW.. just wow.. excellent colours, frost and sturdy plant/flower structure.. and most of all it has an epic high especially the more stardawg leaning phenos, giving the gelato the potency it deserves... I'm not really a fan of anything related to cookie but getting the stardawg in there, really helped bring in some potency and legs to the epic high.. The vigour, the structure and ease of growth, on top of fire potent flower, epic yeilds, 10/10 bag appeal and the bonus of a really pretty grow room come harvest time makes city slicker a total winner in anyone's book.. I can't wait to get into the f2s.. oh my!! grown in totally natural living dirt.. More Nd much better pics and videos to follow

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