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Greenpoint Seeds offers an extensive collection of Stardawg seeds, bred with an array of renowned cultivars such as Larry OG, Sunset Sherbet, Indiana Bubblegum, and many others. Our Stardawg seeds have earned a reputation for delivering rich flavors, soaring highs, impressive yields, and healthy, robust plants.

Stardawg History and Lineage

Stardawg was originally created by JJ NYC of Top Dawg Seeds. JJ developed the strain to preserve the prizewinning qualities of the world-famous Chemdawg variety. JJ bred Stardawg by using an Afghan No. 1 from Sensi Seeds to cross with the clone-only Chem D phenotype. Next, he backcrossed this Chem-Afghan hybrid with the Chem D two times, selecting offspring that displayed Chem-dominant traits. Lastly, he chose a male from this Chem backcross to pollinate the Chem 4 cut.

Stardawg Aroma and Flavor

Stardawg is rich in terpenes and flavonoids, offering a pungent bouquet that closely resembles the classic Chemdawg aroma. This strain assaults the senses with spicy notes of skunk, diesel fuel, burnt rubber, and wet soil. Once broken apart, the dried flowers release subtle undertones of mint and lemon peel.

Its raunchy, skunky aroma carries through in Stardawg’s flavor. This strain tastes of gasoline, fine leather, skunk, pine, and rich soil. The savory flavor is reminiscent of the classic Chem and Kush strains of the early 1990s.

Stardawg Effects

Stardawg is a potent Sativa-dominant variety that delivers an energizing and euphoric high. This strain often heightens mental clarity, causing users to feel motivated and cheerful. Stardawg may also serve to alleviate pain and muscle tension without causing sluggishness. Stardawg’s uplifting effects make this strain an excellent choice for an all-day smoke.

Buy Stardawg Seeds

Our regular Stardawg seeds are sure to satisfy even the most discerning Chemdawg aficionados. These seeds produce hardy, easy-to-grow plants that deliver intense aromas and flavors, uplifting highs, and bountiful yields.

Contact Greenpoint Seeds for more information about our line of regular Stardawg seeds. Don’t forget to peruse our wide selection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds.