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Devil’s Harvest Krew

During the days of cannabis prohibition, it was difficult for growers to obtain top-quality cannabis genetics. Seed banks were few and far between, and clones were off the menu unless you knew the right people. However, during the early 2000s, one organization changed the way cannabis genetics were distributed. The Devil’s Harvest Krew made it possible for growers around the nation to get their hands on the best seeds and clones in the world.

Shortly before the downfall of the celebrated Overgrow website, a group of internet friends made it their mission to collect, protect, and disseminate elite clones and rare seeds across the United States. This organization, known as the Devil’s Harvest Krew, was founded by Weedzilla, Outdoor Grower, Erawk, and Moonshineman of Rare Dankness.

The DHK swiftly built an extensive catalog of clones and seeds sourced from legendary breeders such as Orgnkid, ThaDocta, OG Raskal, and many others. Growers from the East Coast to the West Coast could finally get their hands on rare varieties, including Abusive OG, West Coast Dog, Bubba Kush, and countless others.

For more than five years, the Devil’s Harvest Krew worked tirelessly, transporting clones across the country, pheno hunting, and sourcing cuts from fellow growers. Thanks to their efforts, cannabis communities throughout the Midwest were introduced to a wide variety of never-before-seen cultivars.

Despite the DHK’s dedication and passion, the group soon faded into obscurity. Reports of diseased cuts surfaced, egos clashed, and reputations were jeopardized. Ultimately, the organization disbanded when a few founding members decided they were tired of the “internet drama” so prevalent throughout the cannabis forums.

Although the Devil’s Harvest Krew was short-lived, it had a monumental impact on the cannabis scene, making rare cultivars widely available, supporting the efforts of breeders, and teaching growers the importance of preserving and sharing genetics.

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Customer Reviews

Matthew W. says:


Always fast shipping and great product.

2024-06-24 00:28:42 June 24, 2024

Beep says:


As always, great service.

2024-06-23 17:43:25 June 23, 2024

greg n. says:


Very fast service with no issues

2024-06-23 16:31:10 June 23, 2024

Beep says:


As always 3/3 germed, and growing.

2024-06-23 15:02:18 June 23, 2024

Anonymous says:


Speaks for itself

2024-06-23 10:53:03 June 23, 2024

Anonymous says:


Fast shipping and unbeatable service! Can’t go wrong with GPS!

2024-06-23 03:35:43 June 23, 2024

James J. says:


As always, the best!!

2024-06-22 21:01:12 June 22, 2024

Anonymous says:


This is a review for a different strain.. purple chem

2024-06-21 16:14:44 June 21, 2024

Isaiah M. says:



2024-06-20 21:56:49 June 20, 2024

Corinne S. says:


CitySlicker from gu... There's one major problem with this strain.. Choosing a keeper!!! Has been on of the hardest culls I've ever had to do started with 22 seeds, 21 popped, a few died off at the beginning (my fault, equipment malfunction) I ended up with 14 healthy plants, 6 males (of which 4 could've been studs, STINKY STINKY in veg i could smell them from outside thats after 2 carbon filters) then you had the female plants... WOW.. just wow.. excellent colours, frost and sturdy plant/flower structure.. and most of all it has an epic high especially the more stardawg leaning phenos, giving the gelato the potency it deserves... I'm not really a fan of anything related to cookie but getting the stardawg in there, really helped bring in some potency and legs to the epic high.. The vigour, the structure and ease of growth, on top of fire potent flower, epic yeilds, 10/10 bag appeal and the bonus of a really pretty grow room come harvest time makes city slicker a total winner in anyone's book.. I can't wait to get into the f2s.. oh my!! grown in totally natural living dirt.. More Nd much better pics and videos to follow

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2024-06-20 09:34:03 June 20, 2024

Justin F. says:


Was fast came about a week after I ordered always great customer service

2024-06-19 20:45:55 June 19, 2024

Ann B. says:


Great website and delivery is fast even when using 🐌 mail!

2024-06-17 20:00:24 June 17, 2024

Brian C. says:


Easy site to navigate. Called with questions and the customer service was excellent. Received my order well before I expected to

2024-06-17 14:39:10 June 17, 2024

Tykwan C. says:


Easy all around seeds came extremely fast always great service with greenpoint

2024-06-16 14:10:32 June 16, 2024

Michael Durkee says:


Fast delivery and quality seeds I’m very pleased with this company 😊

2024-06-16 13:55:34 June 16, 2024