When Are Seeds Mature

When Are Seeds Mature

If you choose to buy seeds, you’ll need to decide what kind of seeds you’d like to grow and when seeds are mature. These seeds can be purchased from a dispensary or a cannabis seed bank such as Greenpoint Seeds. You have the choice between regular, autoflower, or feminized seeds. Otherwise, you can breed cannabis plants to make your own seeds.

How To Make Your Own Seeds

Cannabis plants are generally dioecious, meaning the male and female plants are separate. In some cases, you can have a monoecious or hermaphrodite plant, which has both parts on the same plant. You can make your own seeds by pollinating the female cannabis flowers. If you are growing cannabis for seed production, you may need regular or autoflower cannabis seeds. When pollination occurs, the plants produce seeds that you can then plant. If you are growing cannabis for the bud, feminized seeds may be the best choice, as they yield only female plants. This means your flowers are not at risk of pollination. However, some growers cultivate regular seeds and remove the male plants before pollination occurs.

How To Know When Seeds Are Mature

There are five fundamental qualities you consider when selecting mature seeds. These are size and shape, appearance and color, age, hardiness and durability, and buoyancy.

Size and Shape

You can tell a mature seed from an immature one by comparing them side by side. Mature seeds tend to be larger, and some are tear-shaped. Immature seeds often are smaller and have irregular shapes.

Appearance and Color

Generally, the darker the color of the seed, the healthier it is. Healthy, mature seeds are usually black, brown, or tan. Some have dark spots and stripes. Also, when you hold them up in the light, they have a healthy wax-like sheen. On the other hand, unhealthy seeds display lighter colors such as white, yellow, and pale green.


Seeds are most viable when they are mature but not too old. This is because genetic materials degrade with time, causing the seeds to lose viability with time.

Hardness and Durability

When you press a healthy cannabis seed between your fingers (not too hard), it shouldn’t crack or crumble. A healthy seed has a hard outer shell, while an unhealthy one tends to be softer.

The Float Test

The float test is a great way to determine when seeds are mature. Carry out this test only if you are ready to germinate the seeds immediately. This is because when the seeds absorb water, they will begin the germination process. Therefore, your seeds may end up growing mold or decaying if you don’t plant immediately after performing the float test. Start by dropping your seed into a glass, cup, or jar of distilled or spring water. Let them soak in the water for a few hours. Viable seeds will absorb the water and sink, while an unhealthy one will remain floating.

Final Thoughts on How To Know When Seeds Are Mature

You test the maturity of seeds so that you can be sure that they will germinate. If you are growing cannabis for the first time, be sure to buy high-quality seeds from the right cannabis seed bank. Greenpoint Seeds offers a wide variety of high-grade seeds to meet your needs. We also bill and ship them discreetly, making the process quick and easy. If you are looking for a great company with premium cannabis seeds and fantastic customer service, contact us today. Comment down below with your tips for determining the maturity of cannabis seeds.
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