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Send Here:

1101 Symonds Ave
Suite 200
Winter Park, FL 32789

A stamped letter with the money folded in-between one sheet of paper is the easiest most acceptable way. If you’d like to get a tracking number it will ensure the ability to work through any issues, which rarely occur.

Quick Notes

USPS Certified Mail® (the green envelopes) and USPS Priority Express® (the blue envelopes) are NOT to be used. These require a signature during pickup and may be returned to you.
If you’d like a tracking number, use USPS Priority Mail® (the red envelopes). This costs around $7 and ensures delivery in 2-3 days.
Please do not write “Greenpoint Seeds” or “Greenpoint” on anything. “GPS” should instead be used on the outside of the envelope.
Paying with a money order? Leave the “Pay To” line blank. Writing anything else may require you to void the check and issue a new one before it is accepted.

– “Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes” can be picked up for FREE at any USPS Post Office location or can be ordered for FREE at
– No loose change, please. Round up or down to the nearest dollar.
– If paying with a money order, leave the “TO” line blank.
– USPS = United States Postal Service.
– Google search “Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope” if you are unsure of what envelopes are preferred.

Thanks for the support!