How to deal with spider mites on cannabis plants

How To Deal With Spider Mites on Cannabis Plants

It can be challenging to get rid of spider mites on cannabis plants. These small insects can create a significant infestation before the grower notices. They affect both outdoor and indoor plants and can cause havoc when not controlled quickly. They disrupt photosynthesis, gradually starving and killing the plants.


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Pruning Infected Parts

When dealing with a small infestation, growers can cut down infected parts of the cannabis plants and destroy them. In more extensive infections in individual plants, the plants can be destroyed to prevent the mites from spreading. Growers must check on the plants frequently to deal with re-infestation early.


Using a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is used to suck spider mites on cannabis plants’ leaves. This method can be time-consuming but is effective in removing the mites as it targets all the life cycle stages of the spider mites. 


Using a Commercial Spray

Growers can also use commercially available contact sprays. Using these sprays requires precision as they are only effective on the spider mites they reach. Growers can use a hard water spray to hit spider mites on cannabis plants three mornings in a row.  The water pressure makes the bugs and eggs fall to the ground and finally die from lack of food.