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ThC Levels in Cannabis


The most limiting factor when attaining high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels is the cannabis strain’s genetic potential. Some varieties of cannabis simply cannot produce the THC levels that many modern hybrids are capable of producing, no matter how perfectly they are grown. 

Plant Health

To maximize cannabinoid production, growers should feed their plants with a nutrient-rich diet, provide a stable climate and pH, prune excess fan leaves, provide plenty of airflow, and have an integrated pest management (IPM) system in place to quickly respond to outbreaks of pests.


Using the correct intensity and spectrum of lighting can significantly boost THC levels in cannabis. A powerful light source will be able to penetrate deep into the canopy, allowing the buds on the lower parts of the plants to produce high levels of THC.

Harvest Time

Fully ripened cannabis plants will contain significantly higher levels of THC than immature ones. If the plants are left to overripen, this THC will degrade. Trichomes are a great indicator of plant ripeness.