How Long Should a taproot  develop  before planting?

How Long Should a Taproot be before planting?

There are different schools of thought on exactly when is the right time to transplant. An important factor to consider is the time when handling the seed will do the least harm to the growing parts as well as ensuring it is grown enough to withstand the shock of transplanting.

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How Long Should a Taproot be before planting?

The best time to transplant a germinated cannabis seed is to wait until it is 1-2 cm. This is ideal because at this time the root shows all the signs of full germination but it is still small enough to be handled without harm.

How do I transplant a seedling?

When transplanting the freshly germinated seed into the medium of choice, the seed should be placed approximately half an inch below the surface; the taproot should be pointing downwards. This allows for the downward growth trajectory of the taproot and also allows the shell to make its way upwards through the medium. The medium transplanted should provide moisture, warmth, and light that is needed to help the young seedling grow optimally.

The Importance Of A Healthy Cannabis Taproot

How long you give your taproot to develop before you transplant it will have a big impact on the rate at which your cannabis plant will grow as well as its final outcome. Growing is a process that is literally “ground up.” This is why the germination period is vital in ensuring thriving plants.