Best Indica Strains

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Indica strains have long been a staple among growers and breeders. With their quick flowering time and compact structure, varieties within this cannabis subspecies are often ideal for indoor growing. Lets highlight some of the best Indica strains on the market

No list of Indicas would be complete without a mention of Bubba Kush. . Its robust flavor, sedating stone, and stellar bag appeal have made Bubba Kush one of the most in-demand strains on the planet.

Pre ’98 Bubba Kush


Blueberry is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic Indica-dominant hybrids around. Its mellow, euphoric effects and sweet, fruity fragrance make this strain a go-to among many growers, breeders, and users.



In the past few years, Purple Punch has become one of the most in-demand Indica-dominant strains around. Cannabis users can’t seem to get enough of this cultivar’s sugary-sweet aroma, striking coloration, and hard-hitting effects.

Purple Punch


Hindu Kush is the archetypical Indica strain that has been used to produce a myriad of hybrids. Its robust, stocky structure, fast flowering time, and hardy, resilient growth make Hindu Kush an excellent choice for breeding projects.

Hindu Kush


Indica strains are known for their remarkable trichome production, and Animal Cookies is no exception. This elite Indica-dominant hybrid is known to produce some of the frostiest and stickiest buds available.

Animal Cookies