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Read about the latest and greatest cannabis strains and genetics. Here you’ll find articles about selecting, growing, and breeding the finest cannabis cultivars on the market. Learn from the most experienced cannabis growers and breeders in the industry.

What Are Cannabis Strains?

Cannabis strains are individual breeds of cannabis. These cultivars have been bred to produce unique aromas, flavors, and effects that distinguish them from other varieties of cannabis.

Cannabis strains generally fall into three subspecies of marijuana: Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. These varieties are categorized by their origins, growth traits, terpene profiles, and cannabinoid content.

Sativa varieties originated in South America and Southeast Asia. These cultivars tend to grow tall in height and produce large, fluffy buds. Sativa strains typically deliver an uplifting and energizing high.

Indica varieties primarily originated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nepal. These commonly grow short and stout, with small, dense buds that are heavily coated in trichomes. Indicas are known for their profoundly relaxing and body-numbing stone, making them popular among medical cannabis users.

Finally, hybrid cultivars are combinations of Sativa and Indica varieties. A well-bred hybrid tends to be more vigorous than Sativa and Indica varieties, combining the cerebral rush and large yield of Sativas with the compact structure and dense, frosty buds of Indica strains. Hybrids often deliver a balanced high that soothes the body and mind.

What Is the Best Cannabis Strain?

With so many varieties of cannabis available, it can be a challenge to select the right one. Choosing the best one largely depends on the grower’s goals. High-yielding cultivars may be ideal for commercial growers, while growers creating cannabis extracts may prefer varieties that produce lots of resin. For beginner growers, choosing a hardy and vigorous hybrid cultivar is usually the best option.

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How To Grow Northern Lights

How To Grow Northern Lights Northern Lights is one cannabis strain that will never lose its luster. This classic Indica has been a staple among indoor growers for decades. Breeders have used it to produce countless elite strains such as Bubba Kush and Super Silver Haze. Its high yield, delicious flavor, and potent effects make[…]

Highest-yielding Strains Overall

Highest-yielding Strains Overall  Flavor, aroma, and potency are important qualities for cannabis strains, but they are not everything. Yield also matters. For commercial growers, choosing a high-yielding cultivar can make the difference between keeping the lights on and going out of business. For cannabis users, particularly medical users, yield is also an important consideration. Having[…]

Highest Yielding Indica Strains

Highest Yielding Indica Strains

Highest Yielding Indica Strains  For cannabis users who plan to cultivate their own marijuana, the yield is undoubtedly one of the primary determining factors. That is why growers should only have the highest yielding Indica strains on their shopping list. Every cannabis farmer wants to get the maximum yield from their crop. Though several factors[…]

Cannabis Terms

Cannabis terms

Cannabis Terms You Should Know Cannabis terms can be confusing. There are some standard cannabis terms cannabis users and growers must understand in the world of marijuana. With cannabis growing in popularity, more people are joining the bandwagon and are getting confused with some cannabis terms. However, there is no need to be overwhelmed as[…]

Best Strains for Anxiety

Best strains for Anxiety

Best Strains For Anxiety Anxiety, a pervasive mental health condition, is consistently becoming a significant reason for most people to medicate using cannabis. Cannabis remains a top go-to remedy for people who suffer from or experience anxiety. However, new cannabis strains continue to flock to the market, and not all help in anxiety relief. Although[…]

Best CBD Strains

The best CBD seeds

Best CBD Strains The best CBD strains are gaining popularity among farmers and natural health enthusiasts. There is a long list of strains that are high in Cannabidiol (CBD). After hemp-based CBD was legalized by the federal government, more and more people are becoming interested in CBD. Cannabidiol is the second most prevalent cannabinoid in[…]

Best Sleepy Strains

Best Sleepy Strains The best sleepy strains can be an effective sleep aid for people struggling with sleeping problems. These strains may calm the mind, relax muscles, ease general discomfort, and deliver chemicals to help people fall asleep quickly and have a night of uninterrupted slumber. Statistics show that 50 to 70 million adults in[…]

Best Sativa Strains

Outdoor Sativa Strain

Best Sativa Strains Sativa strains have been popular among cannabis users around the world for centuries. These strains tend to deliver an uplifting and energizing cerebral high rather than the sedating stone that most Indica varieties provide. Due to their invigorating and often psychedelic effects, Sativas have often been a popular choice among recreational users;[…]

Best Indica Strains

Best Indica Strains

Best Indica Strains Indica strains have long been a staple among growers and breeders. With their quick flowering time and compact structure, varieties within this cannabis subspecies are often ideal for indoor growing. What’s more, with the rise of the medical cannabis industry in recent years, many users are also turning to Indica strains for[…]

Indica vs Sativa – The Real Difference

Indica vs Sativa Cannabis Seeds
Indica vs SativaThere’s a lot of buzz in the cannabis community surrounding the terms “indica” and “sativa,” but what do they actually mean? Though clever generalizations like “indica = in-da-couch” may roll off the tongues of budtenders to help sell a product in a hurry, the intricacies of a strains effects are much more complex than simply “indica versus sativa?”.

Nevertheless, the difference between indica and sativa strains is important to understand, especially for growers and breeders who want to give their plants the best environment to thrive. So what is the difference between the two, and why should you care? We’re glad you asked.