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Seed Companies

Learn about the best seed companies in the cannabis industry. Here you’ll find articles about news, announcements, and promotions, how to select the best seed company, how to choose the best cannabis seeds, and much more. Learn from the most experienced seed bank professionals in the cannabis industry.

How To Choose the Right Seed Company

When shopping for cannabis seeds, it is important to choose a reputable seed bank with a proven history of success in the industry. The top cannabis seed banks typically offer a wide selection of marijuana seeds, secure payment options, fast and discreet shipping, and great customer service. Make sure to read reviews of seed banks before choosing one.

What Is the Best Seed Company?

As one of the first cannabis seed banks in the US, Greenpoint Seeds has the knowledge and experience to produce the best marijuana seeds on the market. We provide a wide selection of top-tier cannabis strains, a variety of secure payment options, fast and discreet worldwide shipping, and superior customer service.

Greenpoint Seeds offers the best prices on the finest American-bred cannabis seeds. Customers can save even more money with our excellent Member Levels program. With our diverse selection of regular and feminized seeds, we have the perfect cannabis strain for any grower or breeder. Still not sure about Greenpoint Seeds? Find out what our customers have to say about us here.

Choose Greenpoint Seeds and buy from the best US seed company. Browse our collection of premium regular and feminized cannabis seeds.

How To Find the Best Marijuana Seed Bank

How To Find the Best Marijuana Seed Bank When it comes to purchasing high-quality cannabis seeds online, you need to be confident that the seeds you’re buying are of the highest possible quality. Many growers buy their seeds from their local marijuana seed shops or online seed banks. However, the importance of choosing the right[…]

Why You Should Never Buy Dirt Cheap Seeds

Never buy dirt cheap seeds

Why You Should Never Buy Dirt Cheap Seeds Buying and cultivating cannabis seeds has become popular for many cannabis lovers who want to be self-sufficient in satisfying their medical and recreational needs. Once you have acquired a grow tent containing the right equipment, you can fulfill your cannabis needs for a fraction of the value of[…]

Best Cannabis Seed Deals

Best cannabis seed deals

Best Cannabis Seed Deals Everybody likes a good deal, and it isn’t any different when looking for where to find the best cannabis seed deals. Growing cannabis, whether for personal use or commercially, can be an expensive venture. Many seed banks out there charge crazy-high prices for seeds that end up cultivating sub-par plants, and[…]

Best Cannabis Seeds Company

Greenpoint Seeds Reviews

Best Cannabis Seeds Company: Greenpoint Seeds (Our Reviews Prove It) When it comes to buying seeds, only choose the best seed company. Buying from a trusted, reputable source will save money in the long run by providing seeds with healthy, reliable genetics that will grow into dank, frosty, profitable buds well worth the investment. Read[…]

A Guide to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Image of open laptop with hands typing on it

A Guide to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online To successfully buy cannabis seeds online, you will want to keep a few aspects in mind. The first step to successfully purchase cannabis seeds online is finding a reputable cannabis seed bank. Once a seed bank has been chosen, it will be time to select your genetics. This[…]

Rebranding Announcement: Greenpoint Seeds

Rebranding: Greenpoint Seeds Logo

Greenpoint Seeds Rebranding Announcement—Here at Greenpoint Seeds, we take every opportunity to bring you the finest cannabis genetics and superior customer service. We’ve spent many years collecting, breeding, and refining our wide range of seeds, and we love sharing them with our customers. After more than seven years of success in the cannabis seed industry,[…]

Greenpoint Seeds Now Accepts Dogecoin Payments

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency

We are happy to announce that Greenpoint Seeds now accepts payments with Dogecoin! We’ve made it our mission to provide the best shopping experience for each and every customer. That’s why we are always trying to find new ways for shoppers to make safe and discreet payments online. In addition to Dogecoin, we also accept[…]

Member Levels

Get the best prices on cannabis seeds with the Greenpoint Seeds Member Levels program. Enjoy instant rewards on all of our elite cannabis strains and genetics. As the best Colorado seed bank, we make it easy and affordable to buy marijuana seeds online.  Our Member Levels program allows you to earn savings store-wide without any[…]

Quality Cannabis Seeds – Finding the Best Seeds

As cannabis legalization catches on, more people are trying their hands at personal marijuana cultivation — and turning up some rather green thumbs in the process! But the most successful marijuana grows are the result of more than just diligent growers; plentiful, potent cannabis harvests start at the at the very beginning: from quality cannabis seeds.

So how can you find quality cannabis seeds that are worth the higher price tag? By understanding what it is that makes a cannabis seed high quality, of course.