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Learn all about the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation. Here you’ll find the most comprehensive articles about marijuana cultivation, with tips and tricks from industry-leading cannabis growers and breeders.

Can I Grow My Own Cannabis?

Many states in the U.S. have legalized cannabis to some degree. Some states allow licensed commercial growers to cultivate marijuana, some allow for medical and recreational cannabis users to grow a limited number of plants, and others have banned cannabis entirely. It is imperative to learn about federal, state, and local laws before cultivating your own cannabis. Read all about the legality of cannabis here.

What Do I Need To Start Growing Cannabis?

Cannabis cultivation can be an expensive endeavor, but there are ways to do it affordably. For outdoor growers, all you need to get started is a pack of high-quality cannabis seeds, a clean, pH-balanced water source, and nutrient-rich soil. In addition to those items, Indoor growers need a dedicated grow area, a grow light, a plant pot, and a fan. You can add other accessories such as humidifiers, timers, and pH pens as the need arises. For those who wish to stay incognito, a carbon filter can help lessen the smell of cannabis plants.

Why Grow My Own Cannabis?

Cannabis cultivation is a fun and rewarding hobby. Enjoying the fruits of your labors makes each harvest worth all the time and dedication. It also gives peace of mind knowing what exactly is in the product you’re smoking.

If you’re a frequent user, cannabis cultivation can be a great way to save money. Once you invest in all the tools to grow marijuana, you can produce pounds of high-quality cannabis for pennies on the dollar. In fact, you can often recoup your initial investment in as little as one harvest. As you gain experience, you can cut costs even further by recycling your soil and using LED lights, among other strategies.

Buy a pack of premium cannabis seeds and start growing today!

Low Stress Training (LST) Cannabis

Low Stress Training (LST) Cannabis

Low Stress Training (LST) Cannabis Low-stress training (LST) is a method of altering the shape and size of cannabis plants. This technique is a simple and popular way to increase the yield of cannabis plants in both indoor and outdoor gardens. It also allows growers to cultivate the plants in confined spaces. This article will[…]

How To Boost THC Levels in Cannabis

How To Boost THC Levels in Cannabis These days, everyone seems to be chasing the most potent weed. Growers are trying to cultivate the most powerful strains, recreational users are pursuing the most intense highs, and medical users are seeking the most effective remedies. With so much demand for potent marijuana, it is essential that[…]

How to Deal With Spider Mites on Cannabis Plants

Spider Mites on Cannabis

How to Deal With Spider Mites on Cannabis Plants It can be challenging to get rid of spider mites on cannabis plants. Spider mites are so small and can become a significant infestation before the grower notices. They are more common in soil than hydroponic growing systems because the soil has dead organic matter. Spider[…]

How Long Should a Taproot Develop Before Planting?

Cannabis Tap Root Developing

Introduction to Taproot Planting Before a bumper harvest of beautiful dank buds is realized, several stages of plant growth have to be executed. Most times, priority is given to the vegetative and flowering stages of plant development. One critical stage that is often overlooked is germination; being a “preliminary” stage, it’s easy to write it[…]

How To Grow Northern Lights

How To Grow Northern Lights Northern Lights is one cannabis strain that will never lose its luster. This classic Indica has been a staple among indoor growers for decades. Breeders have used it to produce countless elite strains such as Bubba Kush and Super Silver Haze. Its high yield, delicious flavor, and potent effects make[…]

Highest-yielding Strains Overall

Highest-yielding Strains Overall  Flavor, aroma, and potency are important qualities for cannabis strains, but they are not everything. Yield also matters. For commercial growers, choosing a high-yielding cultivar can make the difference between keeping the lights on and going out of business. For cannabis users, particularly medical users, yield is also an important consideration. Having[…]

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds The first step in starting your cannabis garden is to germinate cannabis seeds. Germination begins the life of your plants, so it’s vital to understand precisely how to do it. You must first ensure that the seeds you use are matured and viable. Mature seeds are dark brown with light accents[…]

Why You Should Never Buy Dirt Cheap Seeds

Never buy dirt cheap seeds

Why You Should Never Buy Dirt Cheap Seeds Buying and cultivating cannabis seeds has become popular for many cannabis lovers who want to be self-sufficient in satisfying their medical and recreational needs. Once you have acquired a grow tent containing the right equipment, you can fulfill your cannabis needs for a fraction of the value of[…]

Cannabis Plant Stress Signs

Cannabis Plant Stress

Common Signs of Cannabis Plant Stress (and how to fix it) There are some common signs of cannabis plant stress a grower will notice when the plant’s normal functioning is affected. Stress can be a severe problem in cannabis plants and can lead to stunted and wilted plants and even genetic abnormalities leading to low[…]