Stardawg Seeds for Sale

Stardawg Seeds For Sale

Stardawg seeds for sale at GPS!

Stardawg seeds for sale – Have you ever wondered why Stardawg seeds are so dang popular? Well, you’re about to find out when you buy Stardawg seeds from GPS. Our extensive line of Stardawg genetics proves just how awesome this sativa-dominant cultivar really is.

Stardawg Seeds for Sale: Chem 4 x Tres Dawg Seeds

Stardawg hails from popular parents Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg. These notoriously hard-hitters combine well to produce sturdy, abundant genetics.

Chem 4 comes from a long line of Chemdawg genetics, passing its thick green bud structure and potent trichome production to its offspring. This powerful cultivar often produces flowers with over 20 percent THC, so it is certainly not for the faint of heart!

Chem 4 buds produce powerful citrus and soil perfumes that delivers a delectably fresh flavor upon the inhale with a fuel and forest finish. Users often feel an immediate wave of relaxation wash over their bodies, leaving them pain and nausea-free. A strong sense of euphoria (and a mean hunger for snacks) is also common among Chem 4 consumers. If you can find stardawg seeds for sale, grab them.

Stardawg’s other parent strain, Tres Dawg, boasts many common features as Chem 4, thus making these qualities more pronounced. For example, Tres Dawg is exceptionally citrusy, radiating a pungent lemon aroma throughout much of its flowering cycle and beyond. It also has notes of fuel and earth, and a strong pine finish when smoked. Notably, Tres Dawg tends to produce copious THC levels, ranging from 20 to 25 percent on average. Consequently, these high THC levels pass to their Stardawg child and all those who proceed it.

Qualities of Stardawg

Stardawg seeds for sale from Greenpoint Seeds produce massive buds doused in super sticky trichomes. The plants grow large and flowers grow dense, creating a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors ranging from bright green to deep purple, though much of this depends on the phenotype and growing environment. Its musky, fuel odor and strong pine, lemon flavor easily please the palate. As such, Stardawg is ideal for flavorful extract products — those who just love the taste of some dank sticky-icky.

The Stardawg experience is relaxing, though its sedative qualities vary greatly. For some, Stardawg is a creative cultivar, sparking out-of-the-box thinking, and a motivation to create. For others (or those who consume Stardawg close to bedtime), this hybrid cultivar may help ease them to sleep a little quicker. Regardless of sleep schedule, Stardawg consumers will likely notice a dulling of pain and an overall euphoric mentality. Finding stardawg seeds for sale shouldn’t be hard, checkout our stock.

Growing Stardawg

Stardawg is generally easy to grow, though some support and basic training will help. This hearty strain requires sufficient grow space to thrive, which is usually between four or five feet indoors. Outdoors, however, Stardawg often reaches up to seven feet tall and may require support netting to keep from folding under her weight. Defoliating periodically throughout the flowering stage will help Stardawg buds thicken and will reduce trim time later, too.

Find Stardawg Seeds for Sale at GPS

Buy Stardawg seeds online today. Choose from a variety of Stardawg cultivars to help ensure you grow the biggest, sturdiest, tastiest buds possible on your pot farm. Find out why Stardawg genetics are so popular when you buy Stardawg seeds from your favorite Colorado seed bank, Greenpoint Seeds.

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