Stardawg IX

Stardawg IX: The Next Generation of Chemdawg

Stardawg IX – With so many strains available nowadays, it can be challenging to select the best cannabis seeds. For both cash croppers and inexperienced growers, choosing a variety that has a proven history of success is essential. One strain that has received worldwide acclaim from growers and smokers alike is Stardawg – the backbone of Greenpoint Seeds’ regular seeds.

Since its release in 2011, Stardawg has earned a reputation for delivering a potent high, so-bad-it’s-good smell, and undeniable bag appeal. Stardawg IX is an exciting development in the Stardawg line and a welcomed addition to the Chemdawg family. Stardawg IX is an excellent choice for any gardener. Amateur growers enjoy its resilience to poor environmental conditions, and commercial growers benefit from its bountiful yield and high demand from medical and recreational users.

This article will cover the complete history of Stardawg IX, describe the strain’s unique characteristics, and provide some tips and tricks to cultivate this variety to its full potential.

The History of Chemdawg

Stardawg IX traces its roots to the legendary Chemdawg strain, which has produced a myriad of elite phenotypes, including Chem ’91, Chem D, Chem 4, and Stardawg.

The Chemdawg story dates to the late 1980s, when a group of friends from Crested Butte, Colorado, discovered a variety called Dog Bud. The name is said to have come from the strain’s potency, which causes users to “roll over like a dog.” The friends realized that the Dog Bud was extraordinary and, in the summer of 1991, they took a pound of it to a Grateful Dead concert in Indiana.

During the concert, a young grower known as Chemdog bought some of the Dog Bud and immediately fell in love with it. He exchanged phone numbers with the Crested Butte growers and, after returning to his home in Massachusetts, asked them to send him more Dog Bud.

When Chemdog received the package, he was elated to find 13 seeds in the Dog Bud. That same year, he germinated a few of the seeds and discovered two of the finest phenotypes in cannabis history: Chem ’91 and Chem Sis. These plants had it all: potent highs, substantial yields, and unrivaled bag appeal. From that same batch of seeds, Chemdog and his friend Joe Brand would later discover the Chem D and Chem 4, two Chemdawg phenotypes that would create the Stardawg IX strain.

The Creation of Tres Dawg 

After the strain’s discovery in 1991, Chemdawg soared to celebrity status. Growers and smokers worldwide sought to get their hands on the Chem ’91, Chem D, Chem 4, and Chem Sis. But because the phenotypes were coveted, it was difficult for growers to find verified clones and nearly impossible to find high-quality seeds.

JJ NYC, the founder of Top Dawg Seeds, was lucky enough to acquire a clone of Chem D in the early 2000s. He had been smoking the Dawg since 1992 and had become a fan of its skunky, musky flavor and potent high. JJ traded Chemdog a cut of East Coast Sour Diesel for the Chem D and later acquired the Chem ’91 and Chem 4 phenotypes.

JJ recognized the demand for Chemdawg and set out to create a line of seeds that embodied the strain’s legendary traits. His first step was to find a male plant to use for breeding purposes, as there were no known male phenotypes of Chemdawg. JJ grew the Hindu Kush and an Afghan #1 from Sensi Seeds in hopes of finding a suitable mate for the Dawg.

He chose the Afghan #1 to pollinate the Chem D, as it had a better bud structure and thicker stems than the Hindu Kush. JJ then selected a Chem-dominant male from the progeny of this Chem-Afghan hybrid and backcrossed it two times to the Chem D. This double backcross, known as Tres Dawg, stabilized many prized Chemdawg traits.

Stardawg: The Evolution of Tres Dawg

Although Tres Dawg translated many Chemdawg traits into seed form, JJ didn’t stop the breeding program there. After creating the Chem D backcross, he used an exceptional male from this strain to pollinate his cut of Chem 4. While the Chem D had a robust, skunky aroma and potent high, the Chem 4 offered a larger yield and an enchanting bouquet of pine and sour lemon. By crossing Chem 4 with Tres Dawg, JJ now created a strain that combined the potency of the Chem D and the yield of the Chem 4. He dubbed this strain “Stardawg,” perhaps because of its trichome-covered buds, which are as white as stars.

Top Dawg Seeds released the first batch of Stardawg seeds in 2011. They were an instant hit in the cannabis community, as they offered Chem lovers a variety of stable Chem D and Chem 4-dominant phenotypes. Since that release, several elite phenotypes have come from the Stardawg line, including Corey Haim, Kate Upton, Illuminati, and the award-winning Stardawg Guava.

Stardawg has become an essential tool for many breeders. Greenpoint Seeds has worked with this variety for several years, creating several exotic Stardawg hybrids, including City SlickerGhost Town, and Dreamcatcher.

Stardawg IX Lineage 

From his first batch of Stardawg seeds, JJ chose the Corey Haim cut for his head stashThis cut was more potent than the typical Stardawg phenotype and possessed a powerful and narcotic stone. JJ wanted to preserve this exceptional phenotype, so he created the Stardawg IX.

What is an IX?

“IX” stands for “incross.” An incross is created by pairing two inbred plants of the same strain. Incrossing allows breeders to stabilize desirable traits such as flavor, effect, plant structure, and yield. By crossing the Corey Haim cut of Stardawg with a male of the same variety, JJ created the Stardawg IX. Growers can be confident that the plants will be highly uniform, displaying many of the characteristics of the Chem D and Chem 4. Stardawg IX is an excellent variety for breeders who wish to create new, stable hybrids that retain the potency and bag appeal of Chemdawg.


The original Stardawg is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, known for its uplifting and euphoric effects. Some phenotypes, however, may display more Indica characteristics. The high makes socializing easy, providing a boost of energy and enhanced mental focus. Many users report that the strain offers relief from pain, depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Stardawg may also ease digestive discomfort and serve as an appetite stimulant. These reported effects have made it a popular choice among medical cannabis users. Stardawg can be great for daytime use, but it is not for lack of potency. Many Stardawg phenotypes have tested between 16 percent and 22 percent cannabinoids.

While the original Stardawg provides an invigorating and mostly cerebral experience, the Corey Haim Stardawg is more potent and narcotic, delivering an intense sensation of bliss, coupled with a body-melting, sedating stone that can relieve pain and lull users to sleep.

Stardawg IX offers a variety of Sativa and Indica-dominant phenotypes, including the classic uplifting Stardawg, the narcotic Corey Haim, the potent Chem D, and the high-yielding Chem 4. All of these phenotypes retain the incredible flavor and smell of the Chemdawg.


One of Stardawg IX’s most notable qualities is its offensively pleasant aromaThis strain may not be ideal for stealth growers, as people can smell it from a block away. Nosy neighbors may make air filters a must.

In the jar, Stardawg IX imparts a complex fragrance, with sharp notes of rotten skunk, dirty gym socks, diesel, and rich soil. Once ground up, the strain’s subtle hints of citrus and menthol reveal themselves.

Some phenotypes of Stardawg IX take on the Chem 4’s earthy, musky, sour pine aroma, while others lean toward the Chem D’s eye-watering bouquet of halitosis and petrol. Every phenotype is sure to satisfy even the most demanding aficionado.


Stardawg IX is a pleasure to smoke, coating the palate with notes of skunk, diesel, sandalwood, soil, and pine. The flavor is persistent, lingering on the tongue for several minutes and leaving users craving more. Stardawg IX harkens back to the classic, savory flavors of cannabis before strains such as Gelato 33 and Zkittlez became popular. It is a flavor that never gets old.


Stardawg IX is a highly stable variety, and most plants are uniform in growth. The structure of the strain is ideal for both commercial and closet growers. Stardawg IX is of medium height but can be grown to nearly any size by reducing or increasing the vegetative growth period. The strain grows vigorously, with strong branching, perfect internodal spacing, and sharply serrated, dark green leaves. Certain phenotypes display double-serrated leaves, and some Chem D-dominant phenotypes may have variegated leaves. Growers can reduce leaf variegation by feeding the plants with a consistent pH and using Epsom salt or cal-mag supplements.

This variety produces colossal, perfectly formed colas that are heavily dusted with trichomes. Chem 4-leaning phenotypes may be somewhat larger than the other plants but will retain a similar growth structure.

Stardawg IX forms large, lime-green buds that contrast beautifully with the vibrant red-orange pistils speckling each flower. Although most of the plants are green, some rare phenotypes are known to produce purple buds. The flowers are dense and smothered in a thick coating of greasy trichomes. Stardawg IX offers the bag appeal that every grower hopes to find.


Many elite strains of cannabis such as Bubba Kush and Animal Cookies deliver greater quality than quantity, producing modest yields of high-quality buds. Stardawg IX allows growers to have it all, offering above-average yields of top-shelf cannabis. When topped or super cropped, Stardawg can yield even more.

Flowering Time

Stardawg IX flowers faster than many Sativa-dominant strains, with most plants reaching maturity between eight and ten weeks. Some phenotypes may take up to 11 weeks to reach their full potential.

How to Grow Stardawg IX

Stardawg IX is an adaptable strain and can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments and is amenable to a wide range of cultivation techniques. It is also beginner-friendly, forgiving of fluctuations in temperature, light intensity, humidity, pH, and feeding schedule.

Although the strain produces sturdy branches, its heavy colas may require additional support. Staking or trellising the plants early in flowering may boost the yield. Stardawg IX responds well to both high-stress and low-stress training methods and can handle topping, fimming, lollipopping, scrogging, super cropping, and even re-vegging.

Some growers report that they attain more pronounced flavors from Chem strains by using synthetic fertilizers, while others swear by organic soil. Both soil and hydroponic growers can expect healthy, vigorous plants with large yields and excellent flavors.

Stardawg IX is resistant to mold and many types of pests, making it even more appealing to novice growers. The strain is, however, susceptible to powdery mildew. Growers can protect their harvests from powdery mildew by keeping the humidity level below 45 percent, raising the temperature to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and using fans to increase air circulation. Some foliar sprays such as water and sodium bicarbonate solutions may also help stave off powdery mildew. Prevention is essential, as powdery-mildew infestations can be challenging to remedy.

Some Chem strains are notorious for their hermaphroditic tendencies, but growers can rest assured that Stardawg IX is highly stable. Even under stressful growing conditions, Stardawg IX rarely displays intersex traits.

Final Thoughts on Stardawg IX

Stardawg IX is a timeless classic that offers something for everyone. Cash croppers can profit from the strain’s high yield and high demand, while new growers can benefit from its resilience to poor environmental conditions. Medical cannabis users may find relief in Stardawg IX’s analgesic properties, and recreational users can enjoy its intense, narcotic stone. Finally, breeders can use this stable strain as a tool to produce potent and reliable F1 hybrids.

At Greenpoint Seeds, we offer a wide range of top-tier Stardawg hybrids, featuring crosses with elite strains such as Ghost OG, Purple Punch, Animal Cookies, and many more. Contact us to learn more about our collection of premium-quality cannabis seeds.