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Greenpoint Seed Bank USA

Seed Bank USA

Seed Bank USA – Greenpoint Seeds has worked long and hard to be the best cannabis seed bank. Being the best at anything is hard to accomplish and takes time and dedication. Becoming the best Seed Bank in the USA, and keeping that title, has pushed us harder than any other US seed bank in the industry. Greenpoint Seeds has worked day and night for years to accomplish what you see today. Many companies claim to be a USAseed bank, but they are actually located in another country. When you want to buy US-bred cannabis and hemp seeds from a real USA seed bank, you have high expectations. One of those expectations is that you get your cannabis and hemp seeds from a USA seed bank.

Seed Bank USA

Our seed bank is located in Denver, Colorado—one of the leading areas for cannabis cultivation. Many other seed banks that claim to be USA seed banks are really located in Canada. They are selling their cannabis and hemp seeds as US cannabis and hemp seeds.

Best USA Cannabis Seeds

We are hardworking Americans, and we take pride in offering the best US cannabis genetics in our beautiful country. We think that anyone claiming to be a USA seed bank should be based in the USA and should have their breeding operations in the USA. Unfortunately, many seed banks get a business license in the USA and operate a US business abroad. We see it happen mostly with Canadian seed banks posing as seed banks in the USA.

How To Spot A Fake Seed Bank USA

  • A seed bank with Google Maps listings in every state or many states (use a search engine to look up the addresses they claim to be at or use the 360 views in Google Maps to see what the storefront actually looks like).
  • A seed bank with a page for each state that is not selling state-specific seeds. Some seed banks do this to fool Google’s crawlers into thinking they have a seed bank in each state and thus should be listed as a seed bank in each state (versus a legitimate seed bank like Fortuna Hemp that has a page for each state so hemp farmers can find what seeds are allowed to be grown in each state).
  • A cheap-looking website that has most prices listed in another currency.
  • Check the Contact/About Us section and see if they offer a US address or phone number to contact them. If they don’t have either or have a phone number with a foreign country code, they are not a USA seed bank.