Cookies N Chem

Sex: Regular Seeds
Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering: 60 - 70 Days
Height: Medium
Area: Indoor & Outdoor
Lineage: Cookies N Cream x Stardawg


Wildly colorful with a potency to match (testing at 30%+ THC), this is possibly the most famous cultivar of Greenpoint Seeds.
Like so many other famous varieties, this one has an origin story worthy of a comic book character.  A seed package of Alien Genetics' Starfighter was purchased for $6,000, and a male from this package was selected by Exotic Genetix.  Exotic used this male to pollenate a Girl Scout Cookies plant, creating Cookies N Cream, which won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2014.

At Greenpoint, we grew out 11 of these ladies and picked a plant that retained the nose of the Girl Scout Cookies and the insane trichome production of the Starfighter.  How to improve on this near perfect lady?  Hit her with Stardawg pollen, of course!  
As usual, our Stardawg male emphasizes all the best traits of mom while making improvements in vigor, yield, and color.

Phenotypes should express all combinations of Chemdog and Girl Scout Cookie aromas, and these plants should be satisfyingly delicious.  Expect sweet cookie dough as well as sharp janitorial scents emanating from crystalline-covered flowers.  If  you are looking for an overly-frosty plant to impress your friends without sacrificing potency or aroma, this is the plant for you.  Cookies N Chem is possibly Greenpoint's greatest success story.


Grow Credits: sackmastaflex (2017)

Photo Credits: @anthony.louis.lorenz (2017) 

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