Pioneer Kush

Sex: 10 Regular Seeds
Type: Indica Hybrid
Flowering: 60-70 Days
Height:Short - Medium 
Area: Indoor and Outdoor
Genetics: Bubba Kush (Pre '98 cut) x Star Dawg


Bubba Kush is a classical indica variety that is reported to have originated sometime prior to 1998.  Hence her full name, Pre-98 Bubba Kush.  She is a characteristically slow-growing variety, often the slowest grower and lowest producer in a garden.  However, the high quality of the smoke makes her a labor of love for many.  Her aroma is incredibly distinct, with notes of coffee, raw leather, skunk, compost, and old-basement musk.  Her tight, purple-tinted flowers are always covered in resin, and oddly for an indica, her smoke has no ceiling.  A user can smoke endless amounts of Bubba, getting higher with every hit before eventually waking up from a weed coma.  She is a useful cultivar for anxiety, pain management, insomnia, or appetite stimulation.

The quality of Bubba's flowers are world-class, but she is an absolute pain to grow.  She does not yield well and grows slowly, eating very little foods.  Our Stardawg male made appropriate adjustments to the offspring, and Pioneer Kush is the perfect answer to all the downsides of Bubba.

Pioneer Kush seedlings grow quickly while remaining compact and stout, with almost no phenotypes telling the tale of Bubba's slow growth.  The aroma of Pioneer Kush is a healthy balance of both parents, usually smelling like a skunky, musky, coffee-flavored sour Chemdog.  The smoke of Pioneer Kush is phenomenally indica, with all the best traits of Bubba coming through in the progeny.   This is a woefully underrated cross that will blow any indica lover away.

Grow Credits: sackmastaflex (2017)

Photo Credits: @anthony.louis.lorenz (2017)

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