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Greenpoint Seeds - Gold Nuggets Rewards

Welcome to the Nugget Rewards Program. This is the official Greenpoint Seeds customer rewards program and it’s our way of saying “thank you” for supporting us. Nugget Rewards are designed to give power to the users so they can work through tiers, buy cannabis seeds at a discounted price, and get exclusive products.

Updated 2018-09-29

Always get a discount

Unlimited Discounts!


2% OFF

Prices Automatically Reduced by 2% once Signed-In

Access to User Dash



Lifetime Spent


4% OFF

Prices Automatically Reduced by 4% once Signed-In

Access to User Dash



Lifetime Spent


8% OFF

Prices Automatically Reduced by 8% once Signed-In

Access to User Dash

Exclusive Gold Member Sales



Lifetime Spent


20% OFF

Prices Automatically Reduced by 20% once Signed-In

Exclusive Diamond Member Sales

First In Line for New Seed Releases



Lifetime Spent

Loyalty Rewards Program


How to Participate

Step 1

Create Store Account

Signing up is the first step to save.

Because the Nugget Rewards is linked to your account, make sure to sign in before every purchase.

Limit one account per customer

Step 2

Automatic Price Reduction

Watch those prices automatically FALL!

After signing in, the prices at the store will automatically lower in value based on your membership level. You no to longer have pay MSRP! Yay!

Step 3


Wait, no codes or manual entries?

We think your time is valuable! Discount calculations are done in the background so you can get back in the garden. Simply add the items to the cart as the discounts are already applied to the price you see


Gold Nuggets Bars Greenpoint Seeds
Free Cannabis Seed Points - GPS Seed Bank

How to Use Your Nugget Rewards

Once signed in, Nuggets are already applied to the price you see at the store. Depending on your level, the price will reflect either a  2%, 4%, 8%, or 20% discount.

Wondering what level you are? Click here and scroll to the bottom of the account page.

66 thoughts on “Nugget Rewards

  1. Gilbert says:

    I really love everything I’ve purchased so far . I would be purchasing from GreenPoint even if there wasn’t a Gold Nugget Rewards program.
    You have always offered great genetic at good prices . Thank You !

  2. Shadowhand01 says:

    GreenPoint has the solution. Killer rewards program combined with killer genetics at a great price. Only wish I learned of them along time ago. There is no way you can go wrong.

  3. Main cola says:

    I’m so glad a found greenpoint seeds..Love the strains and the gold nugget rewards are the best thing ever

  4. Keith says:

    Dope! I love how you continue to refine the Gold Nugget system. It’s awesome! Lot’s of fun ways to interact and get some really good prices

  5. DirtyFarmer says:

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon Greenpoint Seeds. I’m placing an order today! Thanks again!

  6. Maze408 says:

    This has been the best part of this years season to get such great flavors and shipped quick.

  7. EE7833 says:

    The program kicks ass, only problem now I got too many seeds lmao, if such a thing is possible.

    • HappyG says:

      Ain’t it funny how Gu knew just what strains you were looking for??? I bought 7 packs in 3 days.That was just the beginning. lol

  8. mjpassion says:

    Gold nuggets?
    I’ve always said “seeds are more precious than gold”.
    These nuggets make it easy to get great deals on seeds.
    Thanks GPS.

  9. Guadalupe Munoz says:

    I have made a couple of orders and really like the packaging and quick delivery .. Another great thing is these gold nuggets free money towards seeds awesome

  10. crusader322 says:

    Was wavering on an order because it was starting to pinch the wallet and then saw my Golden Nuggets reward coupon! (Insert Ted Nugent guitar solo) Finalized the purchase and bought more awesome seeds!

  11. jmwilson84 says:

    Big ups GPS and GU! Thank you for gold nugget and rewards program! Such a great way to give back to the customer. Sign up and save $$$ Bless

  12. Maze408 says:

    A must to e roll to gain rewarda is the best to use when you really want that expensive seed and do t have enough for it.

  13. Samantha says:

    The auctions are off the chain. Prices are on point. Genetics are top notch. Customer service is second to none. Nothing but respect for Gu. Greenpoint customer 4 life.

  14. Roger says:

    Without question, this is the best rewards program I have ever seen; really a top notch website and organization!

  15. Brandon says:

    How do you get the golden nuggets for the FB and IG. To go towards your account on GreenPoint ? But its definitely a great concept to help get the strains you want

  16. Bruce Fever says:

    This program is awesome! Not much money in the bank and desperate for wedding cake so I activated all my nuggets on the order and it knocked $40 thus making a pack affordable to me at the moment!! Greenpoint Kicks Ass!! 😎

  17. Roland says:

    For almost any open-ended, non-trivial reward function (or set of goals), possessing more resources (such as equipment, raw materials, or energy) can enable the growerbot to find a more “optimal” solution. Resources can benefit some growerbots directly, through being able to create more of whatever stuff its reward function values: “The AI neither hates you, nor loves you, but you are made out of atoms that it can use for something else.” In addition, almost all growerbot’s can benefit from having more resources to spend on other instrumental goals, such as self-preservation.

  18. Mark says:

    Genetics is the only way to get that frosty nug you want to grow. Don’t waste your time on bag seed if you want the real deal GREENPOINT has only the very best genetics. Can’t go wrong. GREENPOIGREENPOINT seeds is the only seed bank with the diversity to have a taste of the best of the best. Only the newest and the old favorites.

  19. CptnHowdy says:

    I love this. I have been raking in the gold nuggets. From auctions to posts. Keep this up GPS it still feels like a dream! Naw just ur dank strains lol

    • CptnHowdy says:

      Made 100$ in gold nuggets. And all ready 6 strains deep added to my vault. Its NO LIE this is built to help us all move with the flow. OMG can’t wait when I hit Diamond Member Status at x20 pr 1$ shit then on double nugget days that’s fucking x40. Gu u turned me in to a cell phone addict

  20. Boosky71 says:

    If you have a seed addiction, this is the place for you! Hard not to buy when you know some of that money is going towards your next purchase. Gold nuggets is great system, keep it going! Reverse auction is killer as well! Thanks Gu!

  21. Diesel says:

    5 days from putting my order and cash in the mail my seeds show up, with a pack of papers!

  22. Keith says:

    Hey, how do I check what level of the nugget system I’m at? Loving the new system so far.

  23. seeyouNtea genetics says:

    We bought full moon fever as it was the closest thing we could find in seed form to an f1 durban with potentially better genetics. Obviously it has a very high standard to live up to in what we were comparing it with however we were very happily surprised. We will definitely be using greenpoint more. This is probably 1 of the sweetest strains on earth. We highly recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth

  24. Michael Logan says:

    Have made several purchases over the past months from Greenpointseeds! And I must say the Customer Service, price point, and out of this world rewards plan is Priceless!! Will be a customer of Greenpoint Seeds for a long time!!

    Thank you Greenpointseeds!!

  25. Main cola says:

    Looks like the new fem line are going to produce some fire..would love to get some weeding cake
    Love the nugget rewards too

  26. The Ganja Garage says:

    Gold Nugget reward system is really in a league of it’s own. No other seed bank offers what you offer. I appreciate it and so does my addiction for seeds.

  27. DeMitt says:

    Damn……why can’t Airlines learn from GPS’ loyalty system ? Gold Nuggets are just that…..earned loot to use towards more loot ! And the shipping is like there are sirens and red lights attached to every package ! ! ! Great job on the genetics and the lightening fast speed beans are shipped through ! ! ! !

  28. de la soil says:

    nuggets + reverse auctions = internet crack. Thanks for selling more seeds than i could probably use Gu!

  29. Mark says:

    Gold nuggets will leave you feeling guilty. I was able to get a free pack of WEDDING CAKE from the nuggets I have already collected. FREE WEDDING CAKE DID YOU HEAR ME. FREE! The best deal on the net. My all time favorite seed bank. INCREDIBLE FREE WEDDING CAKE just from doing what I had to do anyway. It just doesn’t get any better then FREE FREE FREE FREE

  30. Christopher says:

    I absolutely love the gold nuggets program! Like ordering to many seed packs wasn’t easy enough on here…GU has to go and be even more awesome and hook all his loyal customers up with ways to get free packs! Being rewarded for purchasing off of here is the greatest ideas ever and I wish more would pick up on the way things are run on the GPS website! I will forever be a loyal customer and this is will be y number 1 spot for all my purchases! Keep bringing us that fire and we’ll keep staking up the awesome rewards!

  31. Mike H says:

    I am crazy impressed with the site and the genetics, not to mention the gold nuggets and reverse auctions. Way to kick ass! So many disappointing seedbank ops out there…great job. (Site design has some shaky bits, but overall very good)

  32. kccollector says:

    I am new to this website and the golden nuggets rewards program and I must say this is the greatest thing I was lucky enough to be recommended to from a fellow grower and friend. I am absolutely in love with this whole site! The golden nuggets program is unlike any other program I have ever seen on any seed bank U.S. or otherwise. I will be coming back here to make a lot of purchases and getting my golden nuggets and reward tier up higher. This is a great business practice and one that will keep many customers coming back for more especially myself. Thanks for having such great customer service and top notch rewards program! Golden nuggets for the win!

  33. Christopher says:

    Seriously the gold nuggets program is the greatest rewards program ever! Even non seed related this is better than the rewards I get from my credit card company. Gu needs to teach the whole game how to do it right. He always keeps his prices low and drops the fire seeds. Top notch all the way. Icing on this wedding cake is you get rewarded for all your purchases (not the talking about the reward after the grow either) Top Notch! Always coming back here!

  34. Shadowhand01 says:

    I have only discovered GPS about 2 months ago, and my only complaint is I didn’t find it sooner ! Gu is a business man of epic proportion. The level of service, genetics, prices and loyalty program are Unmatched. My experience with this company has been 5 stars all the way through. I don’t even blink at the thought of sending cash in the mail. Every single ordered received and fulfilled with lightning fast speed and satisfaction. On top of all these high standards, the Nuggets bring GPS and Gu into elite status. I have never delt with any company anywhere that rewards customers so well for any product. Will be a loyal customer for life and I say that with the utmost sincerity. Gu has set the bar so high that it soars in the stratosphere ! 5 Stars across the board. Thank you for doing everything that no-one else has !

  35. Monkeyluv says:

    Good day everyone,
    A few questions please.

    #1. When logged in to your account, is there a way or a place to view the total amount of Nuggets you have accrued since becoming a member?

    #2. Is there a place in your dashboard that states or mentions the level of Nuggets status you have earned since becoming a member of G.P.S.?

    And, I would like to thank everyone at G.P.S. for all the great products and rewards you provide for the people of the MJ community and beyond. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks everyone, and have a marvy day,


  36. Nathaniel says:

    Love the nuggets reward program! I log on daily to check new strains and availability and get rewarded to do so! This is why I now only shop at Greenpoint! It helps you to save money while building a loyal customers who would have to be crazy to not sign up and come back!

    • Greenthumbs119 says:

      I totally agree man I’m doing the exact same thing! I hope you hit that 420 sale it was amazing!!! And I don’t if you heard about the new fruity pebbles og x stardawg that he has coming out!! It’s gunna be legendary!

  37. Greenthumbs119 says:

    I can’t find a place that tells me what rank I am like bronze silver diamond! I’ve fell in love with this site and I’m buying everything lmfao! I can’t wait for the fruity pebbles og to come out I’m soo excited!!!!

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