Member Levels

Embark on an adventure of epic savings as a Greenpoint Seeds Member. Experience the unparalleled thrill of instant rewards as you explore all of our elite strains and genetics.

Member Levels allow you to earn savings store-wide without any limitations. To start saving with Member Levels, your “total spent amount” must fall between one of the Member Level ranges below. The total spent amount is calculated based on any completed purchases you have made while signed into a Greenpoint Seeds account.

If you do not have an account yet, please sign up for one here and start saving now!

You must be signed in for every purchase you make, as this is the only way to keep track of your orders.

When you reach a Member Level, you will immediately see savings across the entire seed bank. You will see all seed packs with discounted prices based on whatever member level you’re currently on. Member Level discounts are available on all our current and future inventory. Your Member Level savings will automatically stack with whatever sale is going on, or any coupon you may have.

Everyone starts as a Customer

  • After you spend your first $15, you’ll become a Bronze Member, and you’ll score an additional 2% off all future purchases.
  • When your total spent amount reaches $250, you will become a Silver Member, and you’ll start saving 4% off any future purchases.
  • Spending $700 will get you Gold Member status, and you’ll save a whopping 8% off anything you buy. Plus, you get access to gold member sales and early access to new products.
  • Once your total spent amount hits the $2,000 marker, you’ve achieved the ultimate in savings as a Diamond Member, and you’ll save 20% off on any purchases you make. Plus, you get Diamond Member exclusive sales, you’re first in line for new products, and you are eligible for exclusive Diamond Member-only strains.

If you need help with your Member Level, you must contact the Webmaster at [email protected]

If your Member Level is not at the level it should be, please contact us before making any orders.