High Quality Cannabis Genetics

High-Quality Cannabis Genetics
High-Quality Cannabis Genetics

Our weed seeds have been carefully selected from the finest genetics in the nation. We work with many top breeders across America to bring our customers high-quality marijuana seeds on sale for reduced prices.

Looking for new, specific or unique seed packs and strains? Our rotating seed stock keeps our selection fresh and exciting. Grab clones from your favorite feminized seeds while adding new female plants to your crop after every shipment.

Our reverse seed-auction gives shoppers the opportunity to snag amazing deals on cannabis seeds online as the cost of some of our best seeds slowly decline. Prices drop every hour so check back often if you see a strain you want is available but don’t wait too long; These seeds are popular and selling quickly!

Greenpoint Seeds has hundreds of cannabis seeds for sale online at an incredibly affordable price. Choose your seeds based on breeder, strain type, flavor profile, or price and in no time, you’ll be germinating seeds for your next cannabis crop.

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We have seeds for sale in our store that are the best quality with the highest success rate. Whether you’re looking for specific strains, flavors, or medicinal effects, Greenpoint has the best pot seeds for sale online at the best prices in the industry.