Growing Cannabis – Strain Selection for Home Grows


Growing your own marijuana at home is both fun and rewarding, and the payoff is well worth the wait. But growing cannabis indoors (which allows for year-round harvests) is a bit more involved than simply throwing a few seeds into the ground and waiting until harvest time. If you want to grow the best marijuana indoors, carefully consider which strains will do best in your indoor grow environment first.

Determining Your Space Requirements

Different strains require different amounts of space to be fruitful. Sativas, for example (which hale from warmer regions near the equator (require ample space as they grow and stretch as high as eight feet or more under the right conditions.

Alternatively, indica strains (which originated in the Hindu Kush Mountains) have adapted to shorter grow periods by maturing quicker at a smaller size. Indica buds tend to be more dense than sativas (because they don’t stretch due to excessive UV rays) and therefore often produce more weight despite a smaller size.

Taking this into consideration, those with smaller grow spaces should opt for indica strains which consume smaller spaces and complete the grow cycle more quickly. This not only allows for a more bountiful harvest because the plant will not be crowded, but allows more frequent harvests, as well.

Analyzing Your Environment/Effort Level

Though any strain can technically be grown indoors, indica or ruderalis-based stains tend to fair better indoors, especially for novice growers or growers with limited time on their hands. That’s because indicas tend to be more hardy and able to withstand environmental factors like drops in temperature or stress due to pests and contaminants.

Having said that, sativa strains are more resilient to high temperatures making them ideal for grow spaces that may experience extreme heat which is especially likely when using High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. Though these lights (both high pressure sodium and metal halide) produce much more heat and therefore require additional components like ballasts and cooling systems, the light penetration is much better and will produce denser buds – if they don’t burn up in the process.

Because a grow environment can have a profound impact on a plant’s final harvest, understanding your grow space and plant needs will play a big role in determining the quality of your harvest. For example, indica strains are smaller and better able to withstand environmental stress, but sativas are better able to handle the high heat of HID lights, so your best bet is to find a strain which falls on the indica/sativa spectrum in an area best suited for your space.

Finding Strains to Fit Your Preferences

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when choosing the best marijuana strains for an indoor grow is understanding what kind of medicinal qualities you hope to acquire. Obviously, if you don’t like sleepy, body highs, indicas may not be the best option for you despite their ease of growth. If you prefer sativas with their up-beat, cerebral highs, you can still grow them successfully with proper care. Having said that, there are some strains that are simply easier to grow indoors. For those looking to grow marijuana easily indoors, we suggest the following strains.

  • Bodega Bubblegum: This one is great for indoor grows because of its fast grow cycle and plentiful harvest. It’s both unique and easy to grow, and is a pleasure to consume given it’s sweet, bubblegum flavor and mellow high.
  • Bandit Breath is a favorite among our team thanks to its awesome potency and relatively large yield for its small size. Flavor varies by the phenotype of this one but it’s always pungent and a pleasure to consume.
  • Chinook Haze: This sativa-dominant hybrid makes the list because of its relatively small size, quick grow time, and amazing flavor. Hailing from the Colorado favorite, Tangerine Haze, this pungent, citrus-flavored strain offers an uplifting high from a high-yielding plant.
  • Full Moon Fever: Full Moon Fever is the child of Durban Poison, one of the most popular cannabis strains of all time. The plant itself is not too small or too large but still produces dense, trichrome-packed buds as though it were a pure indica. The classic Durban flavors of anise and black licorice lead the way toward a powerful head high with ample motivation to back it up.

If you’re lucky enough to grow your own marijuana, we salute you. Make sure it’s a success by choosing the best strains for indoor grow rooms.

Do you have a favorite strain? We’d love to hear about it.

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