Gold Nuggets Rewards – Back Online!

Golden Nuggets Gold Nuggets Rewards

Looks like the Gold Nuggets rewards are finally working again, click HERE or the widget in the bottom left portion of your screen to find out more information! If you are having issues with the nuggets try logging out and logging back in. We are changing the site often so it might be a good idea to clear your cookies and cache for this website in your browsers privacy settings.

100 Gold Nugget Rewards = $1

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Cart Booster

Get 2 times as many Gold Nuggets when you spend more than $150 in our shop



Stay with us until your next birthday and get 500 Golden Nugget Rewards


Celebration Rewards

Get 300 Gold Nuggets for the New Year!



Spend one dollar (USD) in our store and get 50 Golden Nuggets



Join our rewards program and get 500 Gold Nugget!

More Info about Gold Nuggets Rewards

This is Greenpoint Seeds customer rewards program. It is our way to say thanks for being part of our journey. Our rewards program is designed to let our power customers buy at a discounted price or get free products.
How do I spend my rewards? How to redeem?

You can redeem your Golden Nuggets on the cart page. Not on the checkout page. First make sure that you are logged into the shop with the email you are receiving rewards program notifications at. If you don’t have an account attached to that email, please just create one. The system will automatically link it to the right rewards program account using your email. Then go to the cart and click on the redeem button that should be bellow the cart.
How do I get more Golden Nuggets?

Please check our list of rules for more information about how to get more Gold Nuggets.
Terms and Conditions Big shoutout to TryBeans for the rewards software. Try them.

14 thoughts on “Gold Nuggets Rewards – Back Online!

    • Dennis says:

      The nugget system is amazing, it adds up quickly and gives back to what truly drives a business, the customer. Gu~ has an absolute brilliant business model and the genetics speak for themselves!!

  1. mjwittt says:

    I got an email that said I have a balance of gold nuggets but I’m finding any way to use them? The widget in the LL corner doesn’t work. No where in the cart or checkout to use them. Any hints on how to redeem these?

  2. Rho-bi says:

    i liked the previous format better… it’s still good, but it seems that there is still a ways to go… my password no longer works, and even with help, i can’t seem to log on… had to create a new account as to not miss the great deal on some copper chem at auction… also, it shows that there are two orders for the one purchase on the “orders” page of my new account… ? (hope i’m not charged twice) … oh, and to anybody reading, (as i am having trouble posting reviews too), don’t miss out on hickok haze! seriously, one of the top smell and terpene profiles of ANY weed out there… smells like gin and absinth mixed together, and is very loud- for serious breeders, it is a must to add to your archives.

  3. 420tacos says:

    Hi my golden nuggets are not showing up. I made a purchase and I didn’t get any additional points. I was also not able to use any points on my last purchase.
    Other than that the rewards program looks awesome, hope i can use golden nuggets before my next purchase. Service here is awesome.

  4. Kevin says:

    I submitted an order twice by accident using my rewards. When I cancelled the extra order it kept my points. Any help would be appreciated.

    The rewards program is killer btw absolutely love it. Currently running 8 of GPS strains

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