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25/04/2018 10:13 am  

Hey you all,

From the sound of it, it seems that some folks had to deal with the site crashing and running real slow. I was fortunate enough to pick these up the day before with my Diamond rating.

Being an outdoor grower, I am a bit bummed that the shipping date is around May 20th. I like to have my outdoor beans sprouted by April 15 under a T5 using 15hrs of light, and then transplant to the outdoor garden between May 1st, and May 15th, or earlier if the frost warnings are out of the picture. I guess we will see what they can do with no indoor sprouting and pre-veg. These beans will be soaked and sprouted outside from the start.

You all have a great day, and I look forward to sharing our tester grows with you all and the rest of the GPS community.

Na nu! 🌺  🌻  😊 

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