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[Closed] Spring 2018 - Tester Release  

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02/06/2018 4:09 pm  

any more releases?  got some room in my place  for some new beans!


peace out

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09/06/2018 4:48 pm  

I Agree with you iv had nothing but good customer service. Fast emails and fast delivery to my location. I was there when all that happened on 420 they got hammered with people CUT em some slack.

They work with you not against  ONLY  ADVICE  I CAN GIVE IS SIT BACK SMOKE A SPLIFF AND CHILL AND KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THEM. they get back to you i promise. 

Hell ((Tank))  got back to me so fast i couldnt sit down to drop a deuce  though id throw that in there  any who  much love every body.

Greenpoint Seeds
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14/09/2019 8:56 pm  

Just a heads up, any posts that have the words "em*il" and "sch*me" in them will be deleted. They attract too much attention from actual sp*mmers who are crawling the web for places to post their own crap. 

In regards to tester sign-ups and email lists:

  1. The tester sign-ups are NOT the same as the newsletter sign-ups.
  2. The tester sign-ups do not get the newsletter emails (sales, deals, etc.).
  3. Newsletter subscribers get email notifications about tester sign-ups, but tester sign-ups are NOT added to the newsletter mailing list.
  4. Tester sign-ups are not a ploy for harvesting emails to attempt to sell you more stuff. This is untrue.

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