July 2, 2019  


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02/07/2019 2:06 pm  

Changelog Changes v2.36

"Add to Cart" buttons added to all catalog/category/listing pages and product pages:

  • No more having to click on the product to get to its page just to "Add to Cart".
  • Click "Add to Cart" button from any catalog/category/listing page.

Added Ajax functionality throughout:

  • No more page refreshes for adding items to carts from a catalog/category/listing page.
  • No more page refreshes required to edit cart.

What Did This Mean For You?

Reverse Auction Participants:

All Customers:

  • Will have a smoother experience throughout the site.
  • The RA's will always force page refreshes (every so often) on any page an RA item exists (like a catalog page, ie: Reverse Auctions, All Seeds, Feminized Seeds, etc.) to keep the RA countdown timers in sync. At least now, you won't have to refresh a page for adding cart items or editing your cart. Saves a lot of time. 

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