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08/08/2019 7:43 am  

25% OFF code: LUSH25

Right now you or someone you know is walking around in their Field of Dreams. Summer promotes the LUSH growth needed for a strong harvest. Get 25% OFF your order when you use code: LUSH25
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code: LUSH25

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Fastest moving seeds in GPS History

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$73.00 $54.75
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What have we done?

You may notice a new pricing structure and the absence of regularly scheduled reverse auctions. Over the past 4 years I have been able to use the reverse auction data to set unique price points for Greenpoint Seeds products. Those price points are now set, enjoy everyday low prices at Greenpoint Seeds. Another reason we are the best.

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09/08/2019 9:13 pm  

Hey Gu,

Can you please save a pack of full moon fever for next month, there are 6 left as I'm writing this and I really want the thc v variety for my day smoke.

Btw bro,

I got 1 of the black banana cookies going strong with cheap thrills but nothing better than my dreamcatcher, thanks and let me know if you can help.